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Registration of place of residence

Petryk Tetiana

Head of migration law practice, master of law, expert in the field of migration law.

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Since 2003, in Ukraine, instead of a residence permit, registration of a place of residence has been introduced in accordance with Law No. 1382-IV “About Freedom of Movement and Free Choice of Place of Residence in Ukraine” dated December 11, 2003. In everyday life Ukrainians continue to call registration a residence permit to this day. And this procedure is mandatory.

Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm provides a full range of services for registering a place of residence for citizens of Ukraine (including refugees from territories temporarily not controlled by our state) and for foreigners. We also provide assistance in processing the renewal of the registration period.

What is the assistance in obtaining a place of registration from the specialists of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm?

Important! Living without registration is an administrative offense that entails liability in the form of a fine. In case of withdrawal from one place of registration, a person is given 30 calendar days in order to register at a new place.

Registration at the place of residence provides a certain list of legal abilities:

  • For a citizen of Ukraine: to obtain national passport and international passport, receive pension and social payments, vote in elections and referendums, registration of an individual entrepreneur, etc.
  • For a non-resident: to obtain a driver’s license, , registration of an individual entrepreneur, make transactions related to real estate and various actions that require notarization, etc.

Assistance in obtaining a place of registration from a lawyer for a Ukrainian citizen is an opportunity to save time on collecting and processing documents. For a foreigner, this is much more serious support.

To register at the place of residence, a foreigner first needs to obtain a temporary or permanent residence permit. Migration lawyer at Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm is ready to take on this task.

What documents are used for registration at the place of residence?

To complete the registration, you need to collect the following list of documents for submission to the Administrative Services Center:

Application for registration and application for an extract from the previous place.

An identity document and the right to stay in the country (passport of a citizen of Ukraine, birth certificate for a child, certificate for permanent residence or residence permit, refugee certificate, etc.).

A document confirming the right to live in a certain residential area (for example, a purchase and sale or lease agreement, an extract from the state register of ownership).

Military ID or registration certificate (only for men).

Receipt for payment of the administration fee.

For your information! Registration at the place of permanent residence can be carried out on the basis of the written consent of the owner of the housing for the residence of a certain person. If such a need arises, a lawyer will help you to draw up this document correctly.

Entrust an experienced lawyer with Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm to resolve the issue of registration in order to free your time and avoid mistakes!

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