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Construction passport

If you decide to build an object of class SS1 (these are houses with an area of up to 300 square meters and no more than 2 floors, as well as garages and various outbuildings), and you want to do everything in accordance with the current legislation, you need to get a construction passport. ect. Without it, it is impossible to officially notify the start of construction work. This is a mandatory document, and without it, construction will be considered illegal, with all possible consequences.

How does a construction passport look like?

This document is in A4 format. The passport contains all the basic information about the object that is planned to be built:

  1. A layout plan is a location on a certain plot of land. It is developed on the basis of topographic surveys on a scale of 1:500, where the boundaries of the land plot and red lines representing the boundaries of streets and roads are reflected. The construction of permanent structures with a foundation along these lines is prohibited.
  2. The plan of the facility is divided into floors.
  3. Image of the exterior of the building or second structure from 4 sides.
  4. TEP technical and economic characteristics.

Also, on the general plan of the building, it is important to indicate the distances to connection to all networks: electricity supply, water supply, etc. This is done by plotting points.

For which structures do they get a construction passport?

If we consider this issue in more detail, we can distinguish the following types of buildings that require the presence of this document:

  • Private houses.
  • Garden and country houses.
  • Various farm buildings: sheds, etc.
  • Garages.
  • Small architectural objects of various types.

What documents are required to obtain a construction passport?

In order to obtain a construction passport for the development of a land plot, you need to prepare a package of documents, which includes the following:

  1. Application for the use of personal data, which must be filled in according to the model established by the relevant body.
  2. A copy of the document certifying the ownership of the land plot. This document must be notarized to confirm its authenticity.
  3. If there are co-owners of the land plot, written consent to start construction work is required from each of them.
  4. Drawing of the future building with the exact location of construction objects on the land plot. The master plan should contain distances to neighboring buildings, land plot boundaries, connection points, etc. It should be a sketch project reflecting the future building and all the details of its location on the site.
  5. If you are a representative of another person, a power of attorney is required.

In what cases can you be denied a construction passport?

Unfortunately, there are not only many bureaucratic issues, but also other factors, due to which you may be denied a construction passport. Of course, you won’t be able to start building the facility. You will lose a lot of nerves, strength and time. Common reasons for refusal are the following:

  1. Problems with documents: they are incomplete or contain errors.
  2. The project does not comply with the general development plan of the city or it is not allowed to build anything on the land plot.

There are cases when the refusal to receive a document is illegal – sometimes public sector employees do not know their work well or are trying to get some kind of benefit. Therefore, it is better to immediately entrust the support of an experienced lawyer.

How does our company help in these matters?

Consultation and analysis of your situation:

  • Lawyers will analyze your land title documents, town planning conditions and restrictions, as well as other necessary papers.
  • They will provide you with detailed advice on the process of obtaining a construction passport, explain your rights and obligations.
  • Lawyers will determine the list of necessary documents for submission to the authorized body and give recommendations on their execution.

Preparation of documents:

  • Lawyers will help you collect all the necessary documents to obtain a construction passport.
  • They will check the correctness of the documents and certify their copies.

Communication with authorities:

  • Lawyers will represent your interests in all instances related to obtaining a construction passport.
  • They will submit documents to the authorized body, monitor the progress of your application and notify you of any changes.
  • Lawyers will conduct negotiations with representatives of the authorities and defend your rights.

Appeal against negative decisions:

  • If you receive a refusal to receive a construction passport, lawyers will help you appeal this decision in court.
  • They will prepare an administrative lawsuit in court and represent your interests at court hearings.

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Specializes in real estate registration, solving various issues related to putting into operation, reconstruction, redevelopment, unification, division of real estate objects. Land issues, concluding agreements with real estate.

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