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Permit for reconstruction

Reconstruction of a building or premises is an important stage for the improvement and modernization of real estate. This is not only an opportunity to increase its functionality, but also to make it more energy efficient and modern. However, to start such a project, it is necessary to obtain permission for reconstruction from the relevant authorities.

What is the reconstruction of a building or premises?

Reconstruction of a building or premises is a complex process involving changes in their structure, planning and engineering solutions. This type of repair and construction work may include a number of aspects that should be taken into account:

  1. Dimensional changes. Reconstruction may involve an increase or decrease in the total area of the building or premises.
  2. Superficiality. This is an important aspect, as the renovation may include adding new floors to the existing structure or vice versa – reducing the number of floors to optimize space.
  3. Engineering changes. This may include redesigning heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical systems and other utilities to improve efficiency and comfort.
  4. Facade and roof. Reconstruction can involve modernization of the facade using new materials, architectural elements, as well as repair or replacement of the roof to ensure compliance with modern safety and energy efficiency standards.
  5. Redevelopment and structural changes. During the reconstruction, there may be changes in the location of partitions, walls or load-bearing structures to optimize space and improve the functionality of the building.

Reconstruction is an important stage for the transformation of a building or premises in accordance with modern standards, needs and requirements. However, to carry out such work, it is necessary to obtain appropriate permits and comply with all legal requirements. Our law firm is ready to help you in this complex process, providing legal support and advice on obtaining permits for reconstruction and carrying out the relevant legal procedures.

What is a reconstruction permit?

A reconstruction permit is an official document that confirms the right of the owner or customer to carry out work on a specific property. Permission documents for reconstruction may differ depending on the type of construction and their class of responsibility. The main documents required to obtain a permit for reconstruction are:

  • Notification of the start of construction work (for objects with the SS1 responsibility class). This document is used for buildings, apartments, garages and other objects with a low level of responsibility. It contains information about the owner, the object’s address, work plans and other important data.
  • Permission to start construction (for objects with responsibility class SS2 and SS3). This document is issued for objects with a high level of responsibility. It contains detailed information about the project, technical requirements, permitted types of work, deadlines and other aspects necessary for the start of construction.

When is a permit required for real estate reconstruction?

A permit for the reconstruction of real estate is necessary in the event that any intervention in the enclosing and load-bearing elements of the object is planned during the works, as well as in cases of changes in the geometric dimensions of buildings or premises. Issuing such a permit is an important step to ensure the legality and safety of construction processes.

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 406, permission documents are not required for the following types of work:

  1. If the renovation works do not include changes in the load-bearing structures, for example, cosmetic repairs or replacement of interior decoration, then a reconstruction permit is not required.
  2. Reconstruction of buildings and structures after accidents (for example, fire, flood, etc.) may also not require a reconstruction permit according to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers.
  3. If it is planned to erect temporary structures or buildings without the use of a foundation (for example, temporary tents or pavilions), then the need for a permit may also be removed in accordance with the specified Decree.

However, it is worth noting that these exceptions may differ depending on local laws and regulations, so it is recommended to contact the legal experts of Prykhodko & Partners for accurate information and advice on this matter.

Help from our company

Our company has extensive experience in supporting the process of obtaining a permit for real estate reconstruction. We provide a full range of services, starting with consultations and preparation of the necessary documentation, and ending with the representation of the client’s interests before the relevant authorities. We guarantee a professional approach and high quality services at every stage of your renovation project.

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Oleksandr Kolesnichenko
Head of real estate and construction practice

Construction and real estate specialist, civil engineer, specializes in land law, negotiations, and pre-trial dispute resolution.

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