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Chernikov Dmitry

Specializes in criminal, civil and administrative law, recalculation of military pensions

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Contract lawyer

Chernikov Dmitry

Specializes in criminal, civil and administrative law, recalculation of military pensions

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Lawyer for contracts in Kiev

The concept of a contract is one of those, the interpretation of which in the regulatory framework and everyday vocabulary contains the same definition.

So, an agreement is understood as an agreement of two or more parties aimed at establishing, changing or terminating rights and obligations.

The contract is the main tool for carrying out business activities enterprises without which the participants in economic relations cannot legally exercise their powers provided for by law.

At the same time, the use of contractual regulation of legal relations is no less common in the everyday life of each of the ordinary citizens, in particular when purchasing goods, renting housing, ordering any services.

However, each participant in the contractual relationship understands the true purpose, consequences, risks that arise or may arise from the conclusion of a specific contract.

Everyone is interested in finding a specialist – a lawyer in the field of contractual legal relations, who will warn about the existence of a possible hidden or imaginary nature of the transaction, who will determine the list of obvious and highly probable risks for the party.Dmitry Chernikov

In order to be previously informed about the main aspects when signing an important agreement, the parties must independently or with the help of a professional lawyer take the minimum amount of steps to preventively protect their own interests and rights.

First of all, intending to conclude a contract, you must solve the following questions for yourself with the help of a lawyer:

  • What type of contract are you planning to conclude (that is, what kind of contract will regulate the relations between the parties)?
  • Does such an agreement contradict legal requirements?
  • Is it not forbidden for the parties to enter into a relevant transaction (including in the case when the party does not possess the characteristics of a special entity, and such is required by law)?
  • What are the essential terms of such an agreement?
  • In what form should the contract be concluded?

The next and no less important step in concluding payment agreements, in which you act on the side of the lender, is the choice of the counterparty and the study of his credit history.

Taking this into account, the services of attorneys of JSB Prikhodko & Partners in the field of contractual relations include a wide scope of expert research of your future counterparty on possible financial risks in the performance of the contract.

The minimum in this case is to check the existing litigation with the counterparty, the presence of open enforcement proceedings for such or the presence of information in the register of debtors, the presence of a tax debt, the availability of official information about bankruptcy, the establishment of a list of movable and immovable property, which in the future may be foreclosure was levied.

At the same time, the consequences of concluding an agreement for each of the parties go far beyond the framework of contractual legal relations between the parties themselves, and are accompanied by a possible tax burden, supervision and control by the licensing authorities of state power, state registration authorities.

Therefore, the duty of the lawyer of Prikhodko & Partners, when providing legal support to the signing of any agreement of his client’s ward, is to warn about all current and future consequences of the conclusion of the agreement and subsequent obligations that arise precisely as a result of the conclusion of the agreement.

Considering the above, it is worth highlighting and highlighting the list of topical services of lawyers of JSB Prikhodko & Partners in the field of contractual legal relations:

  • full legal examination of the contract;
  • expert analysis of the counterparty for risks;
  • preparation of a one-time contract (of any kind), taking into account the characteristics and requirements of the client;
  • preparation of a typical contract for a client’s business;
  • legal support in representing the client’s interests upon signing the contract.

Summing up, we consider it necessary to draw the reader’s attention to the fact that a formal and reckless attitude when signing an agreement can lead to a lengthy lawsuit with significant financial losses, which is clearly not the desired result for any of the parties.

That is why, the most effective preventive measure before signing an agreement is the legal consultation of a lawyer, in which the consulting specialists of the Prikhodko & Partners Law Office specialize.

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