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Kovalev Artem

Head of criminal law practice

Expert in criminal and international law. He also specializes in crimes in the field of military activity and in the financial sector.

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Lawyer in Bali

Kovalev Artem
Head of criminal law practice

Expert in criminal and international law. He also specializes in crimes in the field of military activity and in the financial sector.

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Welcome to the Prykhodko and Company law firm, which specializes in providing legal support to Ukrainians on the exotic island of Bali. Here, our lawyers are ready to provide a full range of legal services for citizens of Ukraine and their enterprises.

Why do many Ukrainians choose Bali to live?

Bali is not only a place for rest, but also an ideal location for living, business development and self-realization. The tropical climate, picturesque landscapes, and cultural diversity make it attractive to Ukrainians looking for new opportunities.


What legal problems do Ukrainians have in Bali?

  1. Visa and migration issues.
    • Visa status. Obtaining long-term visa status can be a difficult task. Ukrainians may face a requirement for permanent residence and financial guarantees.
    • Work permits. Obtaining a work permit is an important task for those who plan to work on the island. Timelines and procedures can be confusing.
  2. Acquisition and management of real estate.
    • Restrictions for foreigners. Balinese law restricts the rights of foreigners to own land. The affairs of Ukrainians who have purchased real estate are subject to specific rules and restrictions.
    • Legality check. Before purchasing real estate, you should carefully check all documents to avoid legal problems in the future.
  3. Business in Bali.
    • Registration and licenses. Opening a business requires registration and obtaining the necessary licenses. Getting it wrong can result in fines and loss of business.
    • Tax aspects. Tax laws can be complex, and getting them wrong can lead to unforeseen financial difficulties.
  4. Family and inheritance issues.
    • Divorce and division of property. Divorce cases can be complicated, especially if they involve property in another country.
    • Adoption. The adoption process in Bali requires compliance with local laws and can be challenging for foreigners.
  5. Criminal Law.
    • Offense. In case of violation of local legislation, Ukrainians may find themselves in difficult situations, including arrests and prosecutions.
  6. Medical law.
    • Insurance and medical assistance. Organization of medical insurance and obtaining high-quality medical care.

Our company is ready to provide qualified legal support to solve these and other legal problems and provide our clients with the necessary legal solutions for a safe and comfortable stay on this fascinating island.

The main mistakes in solving legal issues on your own

Attempting to resolve legal issues in Bali on your own can lead to serious consequences. Here are some of the main mistakes:

  • Incorrect interpretation of legislation. Bali has its own specifics, and misinterpreting local laws can lead to problems.
  • Lack of knowledge about local traditions and rituals. Cultural context is important, especially in family and inheritance matters.
  • Inadequate processing of documents. Incorrectly prepared documents can lead to refusal of visas or loss of rights to real estate.


Our company will manage to resolve legal issues in Bali

Our lawyers have many years of experience in working with Ukrainians in Bali. We offer:

  • Individual approach. Each case is unique to us, and we develop individual strategies to resolve legal issues.
  • Competence and experience. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of local legislation and cultural aspects.
  • Fast and effective solutions. We understand the importance of time and try to ensure quick and efficient resolution of cases.

Help for business

  1. Tax consulting and optimization.
  • Local taxes. Understanding the tax system in Bali and developing strategies to optimize it will help citizens and businesses avoid unnecessary financial hardship.
  • International taxes. The competence of our lawyers in the field of international taxation will allow businesses to avoid double taxation and ensure an effective fiscal strategy.
  1. Legal support for business transactions.
  • Commercial agreements. Our lawyers will help you draft and review all commercial agreements, ensuring they comply with local and international legislation.
  • Financial operations. An important aspect is the correct registration and accounting of financial transactions in order to avoid unpleasant situations and financial losses.

Choose our company “Prykhodko and Partners” for full support and protection in all legal matters in Bali.

We will help you enjoy life on this paradise island without worrying about legal issues.
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