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Specializes in criminal, civil and administrative law, recalculation of military pensions

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Specializes in criminal, civil and administrative law, recalculation of military pensions

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Obtaining a grant for agriculture is the process of submitting an application for receiving financial support for the development of the agricultural sector of our country. Grants can be provided by various organizations, such as government agencies, international foundations, charitable foundations, and other organizations that aim to support the development of SG. In this article, we will consider what programs are available for obtaining such a grant, what documents are required for submission, and how to prepare for a successful result in obtaining a grant.

What programs exist for obtaining a grant for SG?

As of April 2023, the following types of programs for the agricultural sector exist in Ukraine:

  • assistance for a greenhouse from E-robota up to UAH 7 million;
  • assistance for planting berry and fruit orchards from E-robota up to UAH 10 million;
  • non-refundable assistance for the increase of the number of cows within the framework of the Comprehensive program of support and development of agriculture in the Lviv region for 2021-2025 ;
  • and the Association of Milk Producers, together with the USAID Program for Agrarian and Rural Development, implements support for Ukrainian MSMEs in the field of dairy farming in order to ensure national food security;
  • aid (DRC) from the Danish Refugee Council for the agricultural and food sector and many others.

What documents must be submitted?

  • Application for receiving a grant, which must be filled out and signed.
  • The business plan of the project describes the purpose of the project, its implementation, and expected results.
  • The financial plan of the project indicates the expected costs for the implementation of the project and the sources of financing.
  • The charter of the organization or founding documents of the SG.
  • Financial reports for recent years on the activities of the SG or organization.
  • Certificates of solvency and bank details.

In addition, additional documents may be required: licenses for a certain type of activity or documents confirming ownership of land or other resources.

How to prepare for a successful grant result?

Here are some recommendations that can help in the process of obtaining a grant for SG:

  1. Study the requirements: first of all, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with the requirements for receiving a grant. The success of the application depends on this. Requirements may vary depending on the type of grant, so you need to study the documentation in detail.
  2. Develop a plan: Before applying for a grant, you must develop a plan that will meet the requirements of the grant. The plan must be realistic and ensure the success of the project.
  3. Find financial support: You can consider getting financial support from other sources, such as banks, investors, or charities. This can help secure the necessary funds to complete the project.
  4. Prepare documents: in order to apply for a grant, it is necessary to prepare documents that confirm the financial stability and feasibility of the project. These can be business plans, reports on financial activity, health certificates, and other documents.
  5. Apply: when all documents are ready, you can apply for a grant. It is important to follow deadlines and respond to requests from the grantee.
  6. Follow the process: after submitting a grant application, you need to follow the application review process. If the grantee asks you for more information, you should provide it as soon as possible. This can increase the chances of receiving a grant.
  7. Implementation of the project: if the grant application was successful, it is necessary to start the implementation of the project. It is necessary to carefully monitor the implementation of the plan and ensure that all requirements related to the grant are met.
  8. Reporting: after the project is completed, a report on the use of the grant must be submitted. This can be in the form of a report on financial activity and project results. If the report is submitted on time and in full, it will increase the chances of receiving a grant in the future.

If you need assistance in obtaining a grant for SG, we are ready to provide it. Our company provides consulting services and the preparation of documents for obtaining grants in the agricultural sector. So don’t delay and ask for a consultation!

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