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Deprivation of parental rights lawyer

Legal services for individuals and legal entities!

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Deprivation of parental rights lawyer

The question of the forced severing of the bond between the child and the parent is raised in extreme cases. Among the reasons for raising such a question are child abuse, the immoral way of life of the parents, forcing the child to beg, and so on.

A lawyer for deprivation of parental rights is a specialist who helps to understand this legal procedure, prepares documentation for the court and represents the interests of the plaintiff in court in the relevant case.

Turnkey termination of parental rights: the price of legal support

For your information! This is a complex procedure, both from a legal and psychological point of view. At the same time, specialists from the family law practice at Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm are ready to provide the necessary support.

You can see the actual cost of the service in our price list. We always make sure that our pricing policy remains at a consistently acceptable level for our clients.

Who does a termination of parental rights lawyer provide their services to?


The legislation clearly defines the circle of persons who have the right to initiate the procedure for deprivation of parental rights by filing an appropriate claim. Accordingly, if the provisions of Article 165 of the CKU are followed, a lawyer for deprivation of parental rights may represent the interests of:

  • conscientious parent;
  • guardian / custodian;
  • the child himself when he has reached the age of 14;
  • educational or medical institution where the child lives;
  • body of guardianship and guardianship.

For your information! Without special powers, but acting within the framework of protecting the rights of the child, the grandmother / grandfather, aunt / uncle, sister / brother, stepmother / stepfather of the child can also raise the issue of deprivation of parental rights. Any of these persons also need a lawyer – deprivation of parental rights without weighty legal argumentation and justification does not occur.

In order to achieve the desired result – to obtain a court decision on deprivation of parental rights, the lawyer first collects evidence against the unscrupulous parent, as well as materials about the physical and psycho-emotional state of the child, on the basis of which a positioning strategy is developed during the trial.

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