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Housing lawyer in Kiev

Cohabitation of several persons in a common living space, communication between neighbors and with representatives of utilities does not always go smoothly. A housing lawyer is required in cases where a dispute may or has already arisen between the parties.

The parties to the contradictions in the resolution of which a housing lawyer will be useful are:

  • neighbors in apartment buildings;
  • tenants and utilities;
  • separately taken co-owners and representatives of condominiums (OSBB);
  • co-owners of one dwelling (for example, heirs);
  • cohabitants in the same dwelling (for example – ex-spouses);
  • citizens and representatives of public authorities / local governments (for example, in the process of privatization);
  • home owners and tenants / tenants;
  • residents and other subjects (for example, in the event of a disturbance in the conditions for rest and sleep due to the activity of a night entertainment establishment).

What legal services on housing issues are provided by Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm?

The specialists of our company work in the direction of consulting, support of legal procedures (including registration), as well as on the resolution of disputes in an out-of-court and judicial order. Housing lawyers work closely with other specialized professionals, in particular – with regards to resolving issues of ownership of real estate, resolving property disputes, determining the rights and obligations of spouses after a divorce, and so on.

For your information! Among the services of the company is the solution of housing disputes through mediation (negotiations between the parties). Thanks to the accumulated experience of law enforcement practice, a lawyer on housing disputes develops schemes of possible agreements between the parties in order to ultimately reach an acceptable solution.

How useful is legal advice on housing issues?

The format of legal advice on housing issues is the method of rendering services most demanded by our clients. Firstly, within the framework of counseling, it is possible to quickly and conveniently get answers to specific situational questions. Secondly, in a similar way, you can navigate with respect to further actions to solve the problem. Legal advice on housing issues allows you to get an idea of ​​the current specifics of the situation from a legal point of view, the prospects for resolving the problem in court and without a court, the likely costs and the possibilities for their reimbursement.

Consulting a lawyer on housing issues addresses the following problems:

  • the legality of redevelopment / major repairs / reconstruction of housing;
  • options for resolving the issue with the determination of the procedure for using a common living space (for example, a lawyer for housing law may offer co-owners to conclude an appropriate agreement in order to avoid litigation);
  • the need for forced moving in or eviction, (housing legal advice concerns, inter alia, cases of unauthorized appropriation of someone else’s housing);
  • the possibility of recovering compensation from neighbors for damage caused by flooding / fire / other incidents that caused damage to property;
  • distribution of payments for utilities between tenants-co-owners (consultation of a lawyer on housing issues may provide for the development of options for issuing separate invoices).

For your information! Consulting a lawyer on housing issues is not limited to the specified list of problems. If you, after reading the information on our website, did not find a mention of a situation similar to yours, this does not mean anything. A housing lawyer covers many more issues in her practice than is mentioned here.

To save clients’ time as much as possible, our company offers online legal advice on housing issues. You can order such a consultation through the feedback form, by phone or using instant messengers. Online legal advice on housing issues has the following advantages:

  • appointed at a time convenient for the client;
  • available to those people who live in the regions, and not in the capital;
  • takes place as compactly as possible in time and eventful.

What legal means does a housing lawyer use to resolve disputes?

Often, at the time when the client enters into the search engine queries such as “lawyer housing disputes”, “housing issues legal advice” or “lawyer housing law”, the dispute has already arisen or even entered the stage of escalation. It is necessary to make a decision and act quickly enough so as not to aggravate the psychological discomfort, and sometimes – to stop the offense.

For your information! A housing lawyer is ready to give the necessary recommendations and accompany the client in resolving disputes with neighbors:

  • in case of violation by neighbors of peace and quiet (due to noisy parties or repair work at an inopportune time), a housing lawyer helps to draw up an application (complaint) to the condominium and the police, then the option of filing a claim with the court is considered;
  • after the flooding of the apartment, the apartment lawyer assists the client in the following steps: filing an application with the condominium, drawing up an act by the employees of this organization, conducting an independent examination to assess the damage, negotiating with neighbors, filing a lawsuit (if it is not possible to agree);
  • in case of illegal redevelopment (including violation of the integrity of the supporting structures), a housing lawyer helps to organize the collection of materials and prepares a lawsuit demanding the return of the walls and communications to the state in which they were originally.

What services of a housing lawyer are in demand today?

Turning to the specialists of our company, you can be sure that optimal solutions have already been developed for most tasks. A housing litigation lawyer will offer you options that have already been tested and worked.

Housing lawyer services provide solutions to such problems as:

  • removal of a person from registration and eviction through a court – recognition of a person as having lost the right to use housing (in particular, when a person does not live in an apartment and does not pay utility bills);
  • creation and registration of condominiums on a turnkey basis (the assistance of a lawyer on housing issues applies to all stages of this legal procedure up to entering into the register of non-profit organizations and providing recommendations for further activities);
  • termination of the lease at the initiative of the lessor in case of accumulation of rent arrears for more than six months or in the presence of other types of default by the tenant (tenant);
  • support of the forced eviction procedure (the services of a housing lawyer are provided in situations where the ex-spouse refuses to leave the house / apartment after a divorce, the tenant illegally occupies the tenant after the end of the lease term, or if the house is illegally subleased);
  • compulsion to conclude or terminate contracts for the sale of apartments (legal advice on housing issues and further support involves: a) resolution of the dispute in the event that the seller refused to conclude the main contract after the conclusion of the preliminary one; b) termination of mutual rights and obligations between the parties, if the buyer has not paid for the apartment.

How is the cost of a housing attorney calculated?

For your information! If you are interested in the services of a lawyer in housing matters, prices in different law firms will be different. The key points are the experience of the specialists in the team, the reputation of the company, the presence of a significant amount of feedback and gratitude from customers.

The type of service you want to receive is also important. Often, when Internet users enter the queries “lawyer housing issues”, “lawyer housing law” or “housing disputes lawyer”, it is not specified what kind of services are in question: consultation, representation in court or in the development of an agreement for an amicable resolution.

For example, if you need legal advice on housing issues, the price will be fixed, and you can see it in the price list. But if multi-stage legal assistance on housing issues is envisaged, the calculation of the cost is carried out hourly or by a separate agreement with the client. At the same time, an important nuance should be taken into account: the costs of legal support can be claimed from the party that has lost in court.


Legal assistance, in particular, advice on housing issues, provides an opportunity to find optimal solutions on a number of issues, ranging from standard tasks for registration (registration) and ending with complex problems with determining the procedure for using residential premises or with eviction.

Legal advice on housing issues at Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm is provided in convenient formats, including online. Within the framework of such legal assistance, you can order an examination or development of documents. A written consultation with a housing lawyer can represent a full-fledged expert conclusion for further use in the formation of a legal position for the court.

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