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Representation in the guardianship and guardianship authorities

Legal services for individuals and legal entities!

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Representation in guardianship and trusteeship bodies

Guardianship and trusteeship bodies in Ukraine are supervisory structures that keep records of certain categories of citizens, resolve many legal issues and carry out inspections to identify violations of the law. In order to achieve the satisfaction of their interests in the supervisory authority, it is desirable to enlist the support of a representative in the bodies of guardianship and trusteeship.

How can a representative in the body of guardianship and trusteeship help?

By issuing a power of attorney to a representative of Prikhodko & Partners, you will be able to:

  • become a guardian or trustee of a particular person;
  • confirm the incapacity of the person;
  • resolve the issue of the legal capacity of minors.

The presence of mental illness or addiction inevitably affects a person’s legal capacity. In addition to the medical report, a guardian or trustee must be appointed after the person has been declared partially incapacitated or completely incapable. The same applies to minors left without parental upbringing. If you want to take responsibility for caring for loved ones, you must get approval from the guardianship authority.

The task of the representative is to realize your desire. To do this, he:


collect evidence of your physical, moral and material well-being;




confirm your ability to become a guardian or trustee;




will act on your behalf in the guardianship authorities.



With competent legal support, you will be able to prove to the court your suitability as a guardian or trustee, as well as get rid of additional inspections and controls.

A special case: how can a representative help you leave a child?

In addition to establishing guardianship, a representative from Prikhodko & Partners will be able to resolve the issue of raising children in your favor. In resolving this problem, the court involves the guardianship authorities, who prefer one of the spouses. It is with the help of representation that you can weaken the position of the other party and demonstrate your own ability to raise children. By the way, the same applies to the issue of adoption.

If you want to become a guardian of a loved one, but there are no sufficient grounds for it, or you want to raise children on their own, then contact the company “Prikhodko and Partners” – our representation in guardianship and trusteeship will give you the status and opportunities.

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