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Migration services

The hospitality of Ukrainians does not replace the requirements for foreigners with regard to compliance with the law on the territory of the country, in particular, migration legislation. Stay and employment without legal grounds is not allowed.

It is difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to deal with the nuances of regulating migration issues on your own. In order to take advantage of all legal opportunities, not to violate anything and to obtain proper protection of interests, everyone can contact the migration lawyers of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm.

Areas of work of lawyers in the practice of migration law at Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm

We are focused on the result and the most affordable ways to solve any request from a client. At the same time, the specialists of our company are ready to give an interim consultation or make an alternative analysis of the migration case in order to identify unobvious details and possibilities.

Important! You can consult with the company’s migration lawyer by phone or online, which is perfect if you are abroad.

In addition to consulting in our company, you can receive the following types of services:

collection of documents on request (for a residence permit, for marriage, for study or employment);

submitting requests for information and legal inquiries;

preparation and filing of complaints to the higher authorities of the State Migration Service, as well as statements of claim to the administrative court;

representation of the client’s interests in the State Migration Service and in the course of court proceedings regarding the appeal of actions/decisions/omissions of the State Migration Service.

List of issues to resolve

We have achieved an expert level of competence on all the most important migration issues, which allows us to provide legal assistance to clients with utmost efficiency.

At Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm you can successfully solve the following issues:

  • Legalization of foreigners and stateless persons in Ukraine: assistance to refugees, immigration permit, residence permit, permanent residence, obtaining citizenship by origin, through naturalization, investments and so on.
  • Registration of a tax identification number for a foreigner and registration at the place of residence, including registration in Kiev.
  • Registration of an invitation from relatives, to study, obtaining a visa for the groom/bride and husband/wife.
  • Obtaining a work permit and service cards for employees of representative offices of foreign companies
  • Accompanying the registration of marriage with a foreigner and business for a foreigner in Ukraine.
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