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Legal support of medical institutions

Medical institutions in the modern world play a key role in providing the population with quality medical care. They not only treat patients, but also provide disease prevention and maintain the general level of health of the population. However, along with the increasing complexity of medical services, the need for legal support for the effective functioning of medical institutions also increases.

Legal support of medical institutions is a set of measures aimed at ensuring their legality and compliance with regulatory legal acts in the field of healthcare. This area includes various aspects, ranging from legal advice and development of internal rules of the institution to representation of the interests of a medical institution in the courts.


One of the key aspects of legal support is ensuring compliance with legislation in the field of medicine and healthcare. Healthcare providers must comply with various legal regulations regarding licensing, medical device certification, and medical practice standards. This includes compliance with medical ethics, patient confidentiality and the processing of medical information in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.

Additionally, legal support provides solutions to various legal issues arising in medical institutions. These may be disputes with patients or their relatives, issues of labor legislation and personnel management, as well as other aspects related to the activities of a medical institution.

Medical business in the modern world faces many risks, ranging from protecting business reputation to controversial situations with clients, so it is advisable to have competent lawyers specializing in medical law on hand, providing professional support, helping to avoid offenses and developing effective strategies. solving legal problems that may arise in medical practice.

In general, the presence of effective legal support is an integral component of the successful functioning of any medical institution. This allows you to ensure the legality and compliance of the institution’s activities with the norms of medical legislation, as well as protect its interests in the event of legal problems. Therefore, it is important that health care providers carefully select and work with qualified attorneys or law firms specialized in health care law to provide the highest level of legal protection and advice.

The legal company “Prikhodko & Partners”, specializing in providing legal support to medical institutions, can provide a wide range of services aimed at ensuring the legality and effective functioning of the institution.



Lawyer consulting: Providing legal advice on issues related to medical practice, including compliance with legislation, licensing and certification, medical ethics, etc.



Documentation development: Create and update internal rules, policies and procedures that meet the requirements of medical legislation and ensure compliance with standards of medical practice.


Participation in negotiations and drafting contracts: Representation of a medical institution in relations with suppliers, insurance companies, patients and other parties, including the negotiation of transactions and the resolution of disputes.


Obtaining licenses for medical practice: consultation on issues necessary to obtain a license, preparation and provision of a package of documents to obtain a license, representation of the customer’s interests in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


Representation in courts: Protecting the interests of a medical institution in judicial and other procedures, resolving issues of professional liability, disputes with patients, employees and other parties.


Personnel training and education: Organization of education and training for medical personnel on issues of legal regulation of medical activities, medical ethics, confidentiality, etc.


Support in cases of incidents and crisis situations: Providing legal support in cases of medical incidents, accidents, responses to unforeseen and crisis situations.

These services help our clients ensure the legality of their activities, resolve legal issues and avoid potential offenses that could affect their reputation and financial condition.


The law firm “Prikhodko & Partners” specializes in legal support of medical institutions and can provide a full range of services aimed at ensuring the efficiency, legality and security of such institutions in the face of constant changes in the regulatory environment.

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Lawyer, specializes in resolving international arbitration and court disputes, corporate, labor, medical, contract law, as well as supporting the economic activities of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

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