Israeli citizenship

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Israeli citizenship

Israeli citizenship by repatriation

The issue of repatriation to Israel is regulated by two key legal acts of this country. These are the laws “On Citizenship” (1952) and “On Return” (1950). It says that every Jew has the right to repatriation. In Israel this term is called “alliya”. This opportunity is intended for those who are of Jewish origin and have no religion other than Judaism.

What is the repatriation program?

The benefits provided for Jews returning to their historical homeland are:

  • free flight;
  • financial assistance throughout the year;
  • the ability to choose your place of residence and departure date;
  • free Hebrew courses;
  • tax benefits (for example, they relate to land tax).


This issue is being resolved through the repatriation department of the Israeli Embassy in Ukraine. When immigrants come to Israel, they register with the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration (Absorption). This allows you to obtain a document called “teudat ole”. This is the name of the repatriate certificate. Next, the repatriate can open a bank account and apply for assistance that will provide him with a living wage. During the year, new repatriates have the opportunity to receive assistance from the “sal cella” – the so-called absorption basket.

As for Israeli citizenship by repatriation, this is available to those who have Jewish roots up to the third generation – that is, we are talking about grandparents as well. At the same time, this opportunity is available not only to direct descendants of Jews, but also to the second spouse and children.

Why does legal support simplify the procedure?

The queue to obtain citizenship through repatriation can take a long time, since the procedure has quite a few bureaucratic nuances, starting from collecting documents and ending with a meeting with the consul. When this process is accompanied by a professional team of lawyers, it becomes much easier.

The team at the Prikhodko & Partners law office regularly deals with similar client requests, so they know what the algorithm of action should be. When people try to act on their own, in many cases it is not possible to obtain a visa on the first try. To help clients avoid such situations, there is an option for legal support.

What are the main steps on the path to Israeli citizenship?

The procedure for obtaining Israeli citizenship on the basis of repatriation involves the following steps:


Preparation of a package of documents for obtaining Israeli citizenship. Here it is important to take care of the complete list of necessary documentation so as not to encounter refusals.


Make an appointment at the representative office. The task of lawyers at this stage is not only to ensure the recording, but also to prepare the client for the interview and filling out the repatriate questionnaire. This simplifies communication with authorized representatives of the consular post.


Interview. The future repatriate provides the consul with documents confirming his Jewish roots in accordance with the requirements established for obtaining Israeli citizenship on the basis of repatriation.


Visa processing and verification of submitted documents. A person who wishes to obtain Israeli citizenship by descent applies for it gradually in several stages. First, you need to obtain a repatriation visa in order to fly to Israel, and then, on the spot, deal with the registration of citizenship at subsequent stages.


Receiving a passport. The local Ministry of Internal Affairs enters the person’s data into the population register and then issues a temporary passport.

It is the temporary passport that becomes the document on the basis of which the repatriate will be able to make transactions related to opening a bank account, obtaining insurance, finding employment and renting housing.

Thus, the procedure for returning to their historical homeland those Jews who have corresponding roots in the third generation has been quite carefully developed.

Legal support makes it possible to speed it up, given that this will protect you from common mistakes when preparing documents and filling out an application form at a consular office.


Types of services of the company “Prikhodko & Partners”

The team of the Prikhodko & Partners law office provides its clients with the following types of services on this issue:

  • Consulting. During the consultation, you can get your bearings on the prospects of obtaining Israeli citizenship on the basis of repatriation in your particular case.
  • Full legal support. Lawyers take care of all issues that do not require your personal presence. And where this presence is needed (as, for example, during an interview at a consular office), they help you prepare.

To find out the details of obtaining Israeli citizenship, fill out the form on our website and a migration law lawyer will contact you as soon as possible.

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Lawyer specializing in migration law - processing documents on the territory of Ukraine, European Union countries (Poland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania), providing visa assistance for Ukrainian citizens and foreigners.

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