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Vorozhbitova Krystyna

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Accountant services

Accountant services


Vorozhbitova Krystyna

Accountant services

Everyone is accustomed to the fact that a lawyer is a profession that can solve almost all problems and issues. But it is not surprising that the profession of an accountant is equally important and wide-ranging. This also makes it possible to provide accounting services.

The accountants of the Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm carry out a full range of work on the accounting of the enterprise. You can choose an individual service scheme that will meet the needs of your particular business.

Subtleties of accounting

Accounting is a popular service throughout our country. Absolutely every company for its successful and high-quality functioning should receive regular accounting services. Only a professional accountant can maintain accounting records, identify possible problem areas and problems in a timely manner, avoid unnecessary expenses. Accounting services are qualified support, assistance in solving problems with accounting.

Accounting under a simplified taxation system, or business accounting, is not limited to the routine registration of business transactions, tax invoices or filing reports. Depending on the size of the company, the complexity of the business, the presence of a wide internal structure, organizational and legal form, an accountant can perform tasks such as drawing up invoices, invoices, acts, powers of attorney, payment orders and payment of invoices, keeping time sheets.

How is the accountant’s service manifested?

Although many of these tasks are only of a point nature and can only serve as individual duties of the employee, the cost of the services of an external firm to the owner of the company is, in practice, cheaper than the remuneration of full-time specialists performing separate functions.

The services of an accountant are manifested in the following:

  • Creation, maintenance and archiving of an electronic accounting base;
  • Archiving and storage of documents (with a full guarantee of their safety according to the agreement);
  • Work with the accounting documents of the enterprise;
  • Servicing the client-bank: distribution of payments in the accounting base, formation of payment orders;
  • Consulting on all practical and legal issues related to company accounting;
  • Inventory, write-off, evaluation and preparation of the balance sheet;
  • Working with regulatory authorities, answering inquiries;
  • Formation and delivery of regulated reporting;
  • Financial and legal audit;
  • Accounting outsourcing.

The services of an accountant do not end with the above list. We know the intricacies and peculiarities of tax and personnel accounting, we know how business processes are built, and therefore we can approach each issue professionally and with a guarantee of a positive result.

New ways of bookkeeping

We also use advanced information technology, registers, hardware and software, which puts the provision of accounting services to a qualitatively new level.

Since accounting is the responsibility of all enterprises, it is necessary to comply with the current accounting rules. You can find out information about who can keep records and what organizational issues should be taken care of when organizing accounting – you can find out by asking a question.

Online consulting is also one of the accounting services. Its advantage is that it is provided without leaving the office, which is very important in times of quarantine and total restrictions. As part of the online consultation, you can order an example of an employment agreement, contract, job description, order … You can also get an extended consultation from a specialist on setting up accounting in an organization.

Many companies have incredible potential. But for the most part, only auditors will help you discover this. Auditors are competent to use analyzed business metrics to recommend sustainable solutions for the company’s future.

This is due to the fact that the risks for the company are not always obvious. Auditors discover them before they become a problem. Based on their experience in various industries, our auditors conduct informed analyzes and indicate risks. This way, entrepreneurs learn that their auditor is a partner they can rely on when conducting a business audit. The auditing profession is a free profession. His strength lies in his independence. Based on their specialized professional qualifications, auditors can conduct business audits on their own responsibility and independently.

Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm provides not only accountant services on a subscription basis, but also assistance to your in-house accountants. Our lawyers and accountants are in constant communication with the management of each client in order to provide advice, minimize risks, optimize the tax burden and costs.

The reasons for contacting us can be different, for example: insufficient qualification of full-time employees, a wide range of accounting issues that arise from the internal specifics of the enterprise. In addition, some accountants are real professionals in their field, but do not know how to behave with regulatory authorities or during inspections, both in-house and on-site.
Tax component of bookkeeping

Tax support by our specialists is carried out through the accounting of your company on all the most complex and important issues, which includes:


advice on accounting, taxes and finance;




development of individual schemes of financial flows;




checking the correct compilation of primary accounting documents by your employees;




accounting adjustments;




tax and financial optimization;




preparation and submission of reports to regulatory authorities: tax, Pension Fund, statistics.



Very often, our specialists receive requests from clients who are just starting their business. We help to solve a number of issues at the initial stage of creating an enterprise:

  • what taxation system to choose in a particular case: general or simplified;
  • which group of single tax to choose;
  • when to register as a value added tax payer.
  • register a legal entity (limited liability company or individual entrepreneur);

In such a situation, it is best to contact the professionals who are Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm. Despite the seeming simplicity of the answer to each of the above questions, the choice of the organizational and legal form of business and the form of taxation is a serious and difficult task. We take into account many factors and nuances:

  • who is the main buyer (individuals, entrepreneurs or firms);
  • who is the main supplier (VAT non-payers or not, foreign entities);
  • what percentage of the profit;
  • whether cash payment is planned;
  • risks associated with tax planning.

Outsourcing is in step with the times

Today, there are very few companies in this niche on the market that meet the standards of large business and can professionally serve clients at a high level and provide accountant services. Most have no system or standards. And this greatly reduces the service and the results of interaction. That is why outsourcing is not for the poor, but for the efficient. You just need to show and build this efficiency:

  • Build a chain of relationships with all clients;
  • Regulate the work of all specialists within the company;
  • Introduce modern technologies and automation, etc.

The above will allow you to enter into serious contracts and not be afraid to negotiate with counterparties, since you offer an effective work system that saves resources and business time.

And so, by choosing remote accounting, you get:

  • Operational consultations. The tax service will never give a clear answer to your problem or question. And we know, and we are ready to help you.
  • Transition to other systems of taxation, which will be more profitable.
  • Qualified assistance with credit holidays and other delays.
  • Remote submission of reports using an electronic digital signature (very convenient, since you do not need to go anywhere).

Our task is to calculate everything for you, make all payments in the bank and promptly inform you about the real risks. Agree that this relieves your headache. Where to get the details, how to count, when to pay, or each time to look for a one-time accountant who will help? Yes, it will help, but he is not responsible for a one-time service, and having done a one-time job, he will not be responsible for future problems. And the situation may repeat itself.

Specifics of working with Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm

By contacting the specialists of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm, you get the following benefits:

Improving results and simultaneously reducing costs;

Support from specialized specialists;

Detailed reporting on the services provided;

24/7 support.

We offer our clients five-step instructions for work:



You contact us by phone, email or through the “application form” from our website.

Our offer

We will send you a questionnaire to determine the needs of your company and prepare an individual commercial offer for you.

Conclusion of a contract

We make an appointment at your office or our office, agree on the terms of service with you and conclude an agreement for a test period (for example, 3 months).

Test period

A personal lawyer and the required number of specialists to support your business are assigned to you as a contact person.


At the end of the test period, we meet to discuss long-term cooperation and adjust the contractual terms.

Professional accounting services for companies is one of the key areas of our activity. We provide financial security by building a full-fledged accounting system. Legality and effectiveness of methods, completeness and reliability of reporting. The rules for setting up the accounting system depend on the organizational form of the enterprise, the tax regime, as well as other parameters. Small business representatives have the right to take advantage of the privilege and switch to simplified mechanisms. The procedure for exemption from the obligation to maintain accounting in Kiev does not differ from the general Ukrainian one. You cannot completely abandon documentation. Professional lawyers do not recommend neglecting the system for controlling the movement of funds and material assets.

An individual approach and flexible pricing policy makes the offer especially relevant for representatives of medium and small businesses. Cooperation is built taking into account the interests of the client. The priorities in the choice of accounting methods for the organization are legality and legal security. The customer receives guarantees of compliance with all applicable standards, as well as guarantees of protection against claims.

The service is provided to both legal entities and entrepreneurs.

When working with clients, we also rely on the requirements of civil legislation, court practice materials, intradepartmental documents and methodological recommendations.

All business representatives want stability and guarantees. We are equal partners for our clients. In this way, we can ensure the sustainable development of companies. Business secrets are in safe hands as confidentiality is part of our professional self-esteem. Contact and choose only professionals in their field – Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm, our specialists are happy to help you.

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Vorozhbitova Krystyna
Chief Accountant

Leading specialist with practical experience in economics and accounting.

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