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IT accounting

The field of information technologies is dynamically developing, opening up new opportunities for business. However, in addition to its advantages, it also brings certain difficulties, in particular, in accounting. It is important to competently approach the solution of this issue.

Features of IT accounting

Accounting of IT companies has a number of features that distinguish it from accounting in other industries:

  1. Specific assets. Software, domain names, websites, software products and other intangible assets require careful evaluation and accounting.
  2. Intellectual Property. Protecting and accounting for copyrights, patents and other intellectual property rights is important.
  3. Transfer prices. When working with foreign counterparties, it is important to correctly determine transfer prices in order to avoid tax risks.
  4. Tax benefits. The IT sector has a number of tax benefits that you need to know and use correctly.
  5. Reporting. IT companies are required to submit special reports to regulatory authorities.

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Possible consequences of incorrect IT accounting

Neglecting or improperly maintaining accounting can have serious consequences for an IT company, which can be divided into three main categories:

Financial consequences:

  • Fines and penalties. Regulatory authorities, such as the Internal Revenue Service, may impose fines and penalties for violations of tax laws. The amount of fines can be significant, which will lead to large financial losses for the company.
  • Account blocking. The tax office can block the company’s accounts, which will make it impossible to operate. This can lead to broken contracts, lost customers, and other serious problems.
  • Additional costs. The need to correct errors in accounting can lead to additional costs for the services of accountants, lawyers and other specialists.

Legal consequences:

  • Administrative responsibility. Administrative liability in the form of fines, warnings or other sanctions may be imposed for violation of tax legislation.
  • Criminal liability. In some cases, it is even possible to violate criminal law, which can lead to a criminal record and imprisonment.
  • Litigation. Incorrect accounting can lead to litigation with counterparties, creditors, regulatory authorities and other parties.

Reputational consequences:

  • Damage to reputation. Unscrupulous bookkeeping can damage the company’s reputation among partners, clients, and investors.
  • Loss of trust. Failure to comply with the law can undermine the trust of the company on the part of customers and partners, which can lead to the loss of orders and customers.
  • Difficulty in finding new partners. A company with problematic accounting may have difficulty finding new partners and investors.

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Accounting outsourcing for IT: advantages

To avoid problems with accounting, IT companies are advised to use outsourcing services. This gives a number of advantages:

  1. Saving money. Reducing the costs of maintaining your own accounting department.
  2. Improving the quality of accounting. Professional outsourced accountants have considerable experience in the IT field and constantly update their knowledge of legislation.
  3. Risk reduction. Outsourcing companies are responsible for accounting errors.
  4. Saving time. Management and employees of the IT company can focus on their main tasks.

“Prykhodko and partners”: competent and reliable IT accounting

The legal company “Prykhodko and Partners” offers a wide range of accounting services for IT companies. Our experienced specialists will advise on tax legislation, and will also help you:

  1. Develop an optimal accounting system taking into account the specifics of your business.
  2. Keep records of all types of assets and transactions.
  3. Prepare and submit tax returns.
  4. Represent your interests in regulatory bodies.

By contacting “Prykhodko and partners”, you can be sure that your accounting will be conducted correctly, reliably and in compliance with all legal requirements.

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Vorozhbitova Krystyna
Chief Accountant

Leading specialist with practical experience in economics and accounting.

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