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Legal assistance when buying an apartment

Do you dream of your own apartment? Can you already imagine how you will celebrate the housewarming? Buying any real estate, including an apartment, is quite a serious step. The desire to quickly get the home of your dreams can cause unpleasant surprises. Legal assistance when buying an apartment is one of the most popular services from the specialists of our company Prykhodko and Partners.

What risks can accompany the purchase of an apartment?

Among the most common risks that can accompany the purchase of an apartment:

  • Deceptive actions, fraudulent sellers.
  • Apartment on credit.
  • Privatization outside the framework of the law, restriction of property rights.
  • Prolonged court proceedings, documents with a “trick”.
  • Construction “outside the law”.

The most common mistake in the process of buying an apartment is the lack of proper verification of the history of the property. Sales contracts, even notarized, are not always a guarantee of a reliable agreement. In reality, the purchase of real estate may be accompanied by legal disputes over the invalidation of sales contracts.

Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners take a very responsible approach to the issue of real estate inspection before formalizing the purchase of an apartment. In particular, we will analyze the history of the developer or owner, who are associated with various companies. We also pay great attention to the verification of arrests, the presence of enforcement or court proceedings. Support of the purchase agreement is carried out by lawyers, including through the register of court decisions and the register of debtors. At the same time, the matter does not end with the usual verification of information. We analyze and evaluate all risks.

Thus, the analysis of the entire history allows us to understand the reliability of the apartment purchase procedure, as well as the absence of “pitfalls” in the past.

For example, there are very often legal disputes when an apartment or other real estate was sold by one of the spouses, and then, after the divorce, they wanted to divide the property between them and filed a lawsuit to recognize the already sold apartment as joint ownership. In the end, this leads to invalidation of the contract of sale and leads to years of litigation and wasted nerves.

For the sake of your own safety and a peaceful future, it is best to involve lawyers in drawing up a real estate purchase agreement. Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will help you establish:

  • Has the apartment been seized?
  • Are executive proceedings opened regarding real estate.
  • Has the property been mortgaged?
  • Whether the real estate was the subject of the dispute.

Among the main documents that will be needed to conclude a sales agreement: technical passport, extract from the register of rights, title document, property valuation, certificate of registered persons.

Due to changes in modern Ukrainian legislation, the purchase of an apartment in a new building at the construction stage is carried out by:

  1. Conclusion of the contract of sale of future real estate objects.
  2. Conclusion of an agreement on participation in the fund for financing the construction process.
  3. Issuance of targeted corporate bonds.

Professional legal assistance when buying an apartment

The right to own real estate is one of the most important rights of a citizen, which is enshrined in the main Law – the Constitution. Only professional lawyers will help you protect yourself from the encroachment of apartment swindlers and fraudsters.

Real estate lawyers Prykhodko and Partners:

  • Your attention will be drawn to the risks that may accompany the real estate purchase agreement.
  • They will review and analyze contracts for the purchase of an apartment in the primary market or read in detail the permit documentation from developers.
  • They have theoretical and practical experience in the field of judicial settlement of disputes that may arise with unscrupulous developers.

With our lawyers, you can count on a full legal analysis of the terms of the sales contract. We will analyze the risks of purchasing real estate.

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