Legalization of reconstruction

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Oleksandr Kolesnichenko

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Legalization of reconstruction

Real estate renovation is a process that can significantly improve the quality and functionality of your home or commercial space. However, this process is also associated with significant legal aspects that require careful and competent resolution. In our company, we offer a full range of legal services related to the legalization of the reconstruction of an apartment, house or non-residential premises.

What is reconstruction?

Reconstruction is the process of making changes to a building in order to improve its technical condition, functionality or appearance. This can include works such as redesigning premises, changing engineering systems, building extensions and much more. The main goal of reconstruction is to create comfortable, safe and aesthetic conditions for living or working in real estate, in accordance with modern requirements and standards.


Documents for the legalization of reconstruction

To legalize the reconstruction of any real estate object, you must have the following documents:

Documents from the owner:

  • For individuals: passport of a citizen of Ukraine and identification code.
  • For legal entities: founding documents (charter, registration number of the taxpayer’s account card, etc.).

Documents on ownership of the object:

  • A contract of sale, gift, lease or other documents confirming the right of ownership.
  • Certificate of ownership.
  • Extract from the real estate register.
  • Construction reconstruction project: if there is a reconstruction project, you must have all the documents related to this project. This may include
  • construction plans, technical specifications, calculations, etc.
  • Technical passport: if the object has a technical passport, this document must also be present when applying for reconstruction legalization.

These documents are basic, but there may be additional requirements depending on local regulations and the specifics of a particular object. Our law firm is ready to help you with the collection and submission of all the necessary documents for the successful legalization of the reconstruction of your real estate object.

What is the difference between the reconstruction of a house, an apartment and a non-residential premises?

  1. Reconstruction of the house can be connected not only with partial repairs. Sometimes the owner decides to completely demolish the old building and build a new one. There are cases when the house is completed or, on the contrary, its part is demolished. There are many reasons for this. For example, the owner does not need extra rooms that require additional heating and other resources, and he can decide to renovate the building in order to reduce the area.
  2. Reconstruction of an apartment is a relatively simple process that does not require a large package of documents, if the work does not disturb the load-bearing walls of the room.
  3. Reconstruction of non-residential premises has its own characteristics. The object must comply with all safety regulations, as well as comply with the building regulations of a specific city.

There are many nuances that depend on certain conditions and the purpose of the reconstruction of this or that object. Our engineers and lawyers will help you understand all the points. We approach the solution of each problem individually, find the most effective solutions. All of them fully comply with the current legislation of Ukraine.

The main mistakes in an independent attempt to legitimize the reconstruction

An independent attempt to legalize reconstruction can lead to various errors that can complicate the process and even lead to a loss of time and money. Here are some of the main mistakes that can occur during independent legalization of reconstruction:

  1. Insufficient knowledge of legislation. Not all persons who undertake the legalization of reconstruction have sufficient knowledge of legislation in this field. This can lead to incorrect selection of documents, incorrect filling in of them or misunderstanding of the requirements of the law.
  2. Lack of a professional approach to reconstruction. Often, independent efforts to solve legal and technical issues of reconstruction can lead to poor results. Inexperience in the design and execution of works can lead to danger or incompatibility with the requirements of building regulations.

Avoiding these mistakes is possible thanks to cooperation with professionals who have experience in the field of legalization of reconstruction and understand all the nuances of the process. Qualified lawyers, architects and engineers will ensure the efficient and safe implementation of your reconstruction project.

Why is it important to contact our company?

  1. Experience and professionalism. Our experts have many years of experience in the field of real estate and construction and know all the intricacies of the legalization of reconstruction.
  2. Individual approach. We understand that each project is unique, so we provide an individual approach to each client.
  3. A complete package of services. We deal not only with the legalization of reconstruction, but also provide consultations on construction, design and engineering solutions.

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Oleksandr Kolesnichenko
Head of real estate and construction practice

Construction and real estate specialist, civil engineer, specializes in land law, negotiations, and pre-trial dispute resolution.

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