Protection of consumer rights

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Protection of consumer rights

In the modern world, market relations and the economy have always developed rapidly both within states and on the international market, because in this case, every citizen has the right to purchase any product or receive the appropriate service that he wants at the price set by the seller.

However, every day consumers are faced with the problem that the product or the provided service does not meet the declared quality, and thus the legal rights and interests of individuals are violated.

In such cases, it is important to have legal support and protection from the Prikhodko and Partners law firm, as our lawyers will be able to help protect the interests of the company’s clients.

Who should be understood as a consumer in Ukraine?

From the analysis of the Code “On the protection of consumer rights,” it is understood that a consumer should be understood as a natural person who buys, uses, and orders products to meet his own needs, which are not related to the conduct of any type of business activity.

If a person only intends to buy or order the relevant goods, then he should also be considered a consumer in the sense of the law.

What are the rights and obligations of consumers?

Consumers in Ukraine have the following rights, namely:

  • demand protection of one’s rights from state authorities;
  • to receive the appropriate quality of products (goods and services), as well as service;
  • to receive only safe products that will not harm a person’s health;
  • to receive all the necessary and true information about the goods (their quantity at the seller, quality, assortment, information about the manufacturer, etc.);
  • to receive service exclusively in the Ukrainian language at the request of the consumer;
  • if the purchased product contains manufacturing defects, the consumer can count on compensation for property and moral damage from the seller of the product;
  • apply to judicial authorities in order to protect their violated legal rights and interests.

Consumers in Ukraine have the following obligations, namely:

  • from the very beginning of using the product after its purchase, carefully and in detail familiarize yourself with the rules of its practical operation, which are set out in the documentation provided by the manufacturer of the product;
  • if the consumer does not understand the terms of use of the product, then he is obliged to ask the seller for relevant clarifications before starting its operation (if possible, to the performer or manufacturer);
  • use the product in accordance with its intended purpose and comply with the operational requirements established in the documentation provided by the product manufacturer;
  • in order to minimize the negative consequences for the consumer during the use of the product, observe all safety measures provided for in the operational documentation, and if they are not available – observe the usual safety measures established for the corresponding goods of this type or purpose.

How to protect violated rights?

  • Pre-trial settlement of the dispute. It involves filing a complaint with the relevant state authorities to protect consumer rights. The state body endowed with legislative powers to resolve the dispute in the pre-trial procedure is State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection (abbreviated State Production and Consumer Service);
  • Settlement of the dispute through the court. If a citizen was denied a pre-trial resolution of a disputed issue, then he should apply to the judicial authorities with a claim for the protection and restoration of violated consumer rights.

Importantly! In any case, the consumer who believes that his rights have been violated has the right to demand from the seller of the goods compensation for property and moral damage, if there are real grounds and evidence that the received goods contain a factory defect and this affects the final quality of the purchased products.

How can it be useful to contact qualified lawyers?

Law office “Prikhodko and Partners” provides professional legal support and effectively protects the interests of consumers who are faced with a violation of their own rights when purchasing goods or services.

Our specialists understand the complexity of the issues in practice and therefore are always ready to help the company’s clients protect themselves from unscrupulous actions of sellers or manufacturers of goods.

In addition, they also have the necessary practical experience and theoretical knowledge, which help to successfully provide all the necessary legal support for the protection of consumer rights both in the field of electronic commerce through trading on Internet sites, and in the classic purchase of goods or services in stationary stores.

Appeal to lawyers from the “Prikhodko and Partners” law office allows not only to properly protect your rights, but also to receive compensation for both material and moral damage caused. To calculate the price for a lawyer’s services, fill out the application form below.

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Specializes in protection of copyrights, inventions, patents, trademarks, support of tenders, protection of consumer rights, disputes with insurance companies, legal support in cases of administrative offenses.

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