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Commissioning of a residential building

Lawyer of real estate, construction and land law

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According to current Ukrainian legislation, arbitrary acceptance of facilities for use is an illegal procedure. Only after a residential building or other real estate object is legalized, it will be possible to connect all the communication elements necessary for its full functioning. The main normative legal act regulating this issue is the Law of Ukraine “On Urban Development”. Its provisions describe the general procedure and procedure for putting a residential building into operation.

So, сommissioning of a residential building is a mandatory procedure for realizing property ownership. Without this documentation, it is impossible to connect communications: water, light, heating, sewage, etc. In addition, it is not possible to issue documents certifying the right of ownership without putting the residential building into operation. That is, such housing cannot be gifted, sold, bequeathed, used as collateral for obtaining credit funds, etc.


If the residential building was built without the necessary documents, the owner must pay a fine. Also, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted the procedure for the forced demolition of buildings that fall under the category of self-build. At the same time, the houses erected independently will be demolished by representatives of the civil service, and the owner must compensate for all the costs of demolition. Agree, there is little pleasure in this. That is why it is important to immediately think about commissioning a residential building.

PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS specialists will help prepare all the necessary documents and obtain a declaration on the commissioning of a residential building. We offer our clients:

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What documents must be prepared for the commissioning of a residential building?

The following documents are required to put a residential building into operation:

  1. Construction passport

A building passport will be needed for buildings whose area is less than 500 m2. If the area of the house is more than 500 m2, you need to additionally order town planning conditions for building.

  1. Preparation of a notification on the start of construction works

Note that after preparing a message, it is important to check whether a code has been assigned to that message.

  1. Technical inventory of the facility

The inventory is carried out after the completion of construction works. To carry out the procedure, it is necessary to contact BTI representatives.

  1. Preparation and registration of the declaration in the DABA.

After passing all these stages, the built house receives an individual postal number, and its owner – ownership of the object.

It is important: take the last step after receiving all the necessary documents and legalize your ownership by contacting state registrars and notaries. Since the moment of acquisition of the right of ownership is the publication of the registrar’s decision in electronic form on the portal of the Ministry of Justice.

  • Legalization of the Declaration of ownership of a residential building is carried out by the local division of the architectural and building inspection. In the process of filling out the Declaration, the following information is entered:
  • The cost of construction works according to the estimate.
  • Monetary assessment of funds put into operation.
  • Information on actions aimed at protecting the environment, labor, fire safety of the facility, etc.

Basic information about the residential building.

The main advantages of commissioning a residential building
In the process of registration of a residential building, its owner begins to pay tax. Considering this factor, it is not entirely clear why to put the house into operation? The answer to this question is elementary. Commissioning of a residential building allows:

  • Connect communications

For example, no regional gas office will connect a private house that has not been put into operation to the gas supply.

  • Get credits

Only a legalized house can be considered as collateral when obtaining a loan.

  • Real estate insurance

Non-legalized housing cannot be insured in case of emergencies, for example, in case of fire.

  • Protection

State security services do not conclude contracts with owners of non-legalized buildings.

Important: after the start of a full-scale war, the commissioning of a residential building takes on a new meaning. For example, if your house is damaged as a result of hostilities, it is possible to issue compensation. This rule will not apply to an unauthorized building.

Assistance of professional lawyers in the commissioning of a residential building

PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS lawyers have experience, follow changes in the current legislation and specialize in solving various issues related to the commissioning of residential buildings. Our specialists will help you put the residential building into operation as quickly as possible and without unnecessary complications. The main advantages for us are the speed of work, responsibility and democratic prices.

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