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Adoption of an adult

The topic of adoption is extremely relevant in any developed democratic and legal country of the world.

This is explained by the fact that not all citizens have the physical ability to give birth to a child and become their biological parents.

Therefore, the issue of adoption for such citizens is a solution to the main life problem – creating a full-fledged family.

In this article, we will talk about the features of adopting an adult, taking into account the current regulatory and legal acts of Ukraine.

What should be understood by the adoption of a child and an adult?

The current Ukrainian legislation states that adoption should be understood as the acceptance by citizens (adopting parents) of a person as a family member who will have the same rights as a biological daughter or son, which is carried out based on a decision of the judicial authority.

So, we can say that the main purpose of adopting a child is to ensure proper conditions for his life and harmonious development.

However, in certain situations, the judicial authority can also decide on the adoption of an adult citizen.

Such a case is possible if:

  • an adult does not have a biological mother or father (is an orphan);
  • she was deprived of parental care until she reached the age of majority (18 years).

What facts should the court consider when adopting an adult?

During the consideration of the case on the adoption of an adult, the court necessarily takes into account the presence of the following circumstances, namely:

  • Material situation, current state of health, marital status (conclusion of an official marriage), appropriate living conditions, harmonious attitude towards raising a child – persons who want to adopt an adult citizen;
  • The court also takes into account the family status of the adopter, in particular, the absence of his children;
  • Reasons why individuals wish to adopt an adult citizen right now and why they have not done so before;
  • Reasons why one of the spouses does not want to become an adopter if the other spouse has applied for adoption;
  • The relationship between the person who wishes to adopt a child and the child himself, as well as how long this person has been taking care of the child;
  • The state of health of the child, the moment when he was deprived of parental care, the general desire of the child to become adopted and live with future parents;
  • The attitude of the child to the persons wishing to adopt it (here it should be noted that the fact that there is mutual understanding between citizens and manifestations of care for each other is taken into account).

Where should I apply for the adoption of an adult?

If citizens wish to adopt an adult, in this case, they must submit an application to the judicial authority of the 1st instance at their place of residence or registration.

The following documents should also be attached to the application:

  • marriage certificate;
  • if the child is adopted by one of the spouses, the other spouse’s consent to these actions must be given in writing and notarized;
  • documents confirming the current state of health of adoptive parents (medical report from a health care institution);
  • income certificate or other documents confirming the total income of persons for the last 6 months;
  • documents on ownership of real estate;
  • the consent of an adult for her adoption.
  • data on the absence of a mother, father, or deprivation of care person who wishes to adopt

It should be noted that the above list of documents is not exhaustive and may be expanded depending on the individual circumstances of each case.

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