Opening a brokerage account in Exante

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Taras Miroshnychenko

Head of International Corporate Law and Fintech Practice

A specialist in the practice of migration and corporate law, he also specializes in legal support for business in EU countries.

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Opening a brokerage account in Exante

After the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, the issue of preservation and diversification of assets became even more relevant. One of the most effective ways to invest in traditional financial instruments is stock trading.

In this context, I would like to note that securities (shares, bonds, bonds) have low volatility. Volatility is the fluctuation of the exchange rate of such a security.

If you have a financial portfolio of $100,000 or more, we offer an excellent service that will allow you to diversify your assets in the best way and earn stable income from it.

For this purpose, we offer you to open a brokerage account on the well-known European platform Exante.

What is Exante?

EXANTE –is an Innovative Investment Platform for Global Investors.

EXANTE –is a leading international investment firm providing direct market access and a wide range of OTC trading services in over 50 markets to retail, corporate, and institutional investors worldwide. Their mission is to provide clients with efficient access to financial markets and ensure their success in the investment world.

What is a brokerage account and what opportunities does it provide

By opening a brokerage account with EXANTE, you receive several advantages, such as many innovative products and services that meet the needs of modern investors:

  • Multi-functional trading platform: Clients have access to an advanced trading platform with a huge range of tools and analysis capabilities.
  • You get direct access to the markets: EXANTE provides direct access to more than 600,000 financial instruments in more than 50 markets worldwide.
  • Fixed Income Assets: Clients of the platform can invest in fixed-income assets with a high level of reliability. Exante broker advises on options, derivatives, and futures quotes and provides investment consulting.
  • Institutional Solutions: EXANTE offers a wide range of institutional solutions including White Label, FIX API, HTTP API, and Bitcoin and Altcoin funds.
  • Software and technology solutions: Our innovative software and technology solutions help our clients ensure effective risk management and optimize their investment strategies.

Procedure for opening a brokerage account in Exante

The procedure for opening a brokerage account has several stages:

  • Registration of a personal account on the platform;
  • Submission of KUS AML documents for verification:
  • After compliance acceptance, the account itself is opened and access to the client’s account is granted.

How do we help you open an account?

We fully support the registration and opening of a personal account on the platform. You only provide all the necessary documents from your side, and after receiving a positive compliance decision, we transfer you the so-called credentials (login and password) to use the account with all access to the most common financial instruments and discover the world of securities for yourself, which, of course, will help you prosper even more and enjoy the process, because it is not only useful but also interesting.

Advantages of EXANTE

In a world of rapid change and intense competition, EXANTE stands out for its advanced technological infrastructure and high level of customer service, including:

  • Quick access to markets:1100 servers worldwide provides instant access to real-time markets.
  • Stability and reliability: Our trading platform works on our IT infrastructure, which ensures high stability and performance.
  • Segregated customer accounts: We keep clients’ assets in segregated accounts in leading global banks by MiFID II requirements.

EXANTE is our reliable partner on the way to successful investments.

Choose the law firm “Prikhodko and Partners” and we will help you get access to the latest investment opportunities and advanced trading technologies.

Taras Miroshnychenko
Head of International Corporate Law and Fintech Practice

A specialist in the practice of migration and corporate law, he also specializes in legal support for business in EU countries.

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