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Lawyer in the practice of bankruptcy of individuals and individual entrepreneurs. Specializes in write-off of bank and MFI loans through the bankruptcy procedure.

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Consultation of a lawyer regarding credit debts

Lawyer in the practice of bankruptcy of individuals and individual entrepreneurs. Specializes in write-off of bank and MFI loans through the bankruptcy procedure.

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No one is safe from difficult life situations, because nowadays everything changes very quickly and you never know when you will have to use credit cards. However, the task of everyone who decided to take out a loan for themselves or their relatives is to fulfill their obligations under the contract on time. However, in practice, it sometimes becomes difficult to repay the debt due to various unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, there is an important need for knowledge of one’s rights and obligations, as well as the possible consequences of violating the terms of the credit agreement. That is why the advice of a lawyer regarding credit debts is always relevant. What we will talk about in this article.

What is a credit dispute?

Credit disputes with financial institutions are a type of dispute arising from credit agreements concluded between banks (other financial institutions) and individuals or legal entities.

The main reasons for credit disputes are:

  • Drawing up a credit agreement without the client’s knowledge. Usually, such actions are illegal on the part of the financial institution.
  • Challenging provisions of credit agreements. When signing a credit agreement, citizens do not always familiarize themselves with the provisions of such an agreement (charges of fines, penalties, penalties, various types of commissions, etc.), which leads to future appeals against its terms in judicial authorities.
  • Repeated increase in the interest rate on the part of the financial institution. If such a clause on changing the loan rate is not provided for in the contract, a dispute usually arises between the parties.
  • Incorrect calculation of interest under the contract for the use of credit funds.
  • Attempts to seize property from the debtor out of court. It is usually relevant when there is no court decision to seize the relevant property for the existing debt under the credit agreement.

Why do you need the advice of an experienced lawyer regarding credit debts?

Legal advice from a credit debt lawyer is necessary for:

  1. Basic legal analysis of the credit agreement. An experienced lawyer will help you understand the legal nuances of the credit agreement and explain to you why exactly such a debt was formed, how to repay it correctly, and whether it is possible to cancel interest under the agreement, etc.
  2. Guarantee of protection of your rights. From the moment you have a loan debt, the financial institution can use various legal and illegal methods to recover the corresponding amount of funds under the contract, but if you have a lawyer, he will explain all your rights in such a situation and ensure that they are respected when interacting with banks;
  3. A clear defense strategy. During the study of your situation, the lawyer will be able to suggest the best options for the development of events and explain what the consequences will be when choosing them.
  4. Representation of interests in court. If your case is already at the stage of consideration by the judicial authorities, then the lawyer will be able to protect your interests in court sessions.
  5. Negotiations with creditors. In order not to contact financial institutions yourself, a lawyer can do it for you, which will contribute to effective negotiations with creditors.
  6. Minimization of risks. By timely contacting professional lawyers, you minimize your risks of losing the case and ensure a guaranteed result.

If you need a lawyer’s advice regarding existing credit debts, contact the experienced specialists of the “Prykhodko and Partners” law office.

Our team has thorough knowledge in the field of financial and banking law, which allows us to provide qualified answers to all questions that will arise in the course of future cooperation. Get in touch!

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