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Yasinskiy Yevhen

Head of tax law practice

An expert in the practice of tax law, specializes in the protection of rights in court, corporate law.

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A large number of enterprises face the problem of blocking tax invoices. However, there are several options for resolving the situation, each of which is actively practiced by our specialists. For the Prikhodko&Partners team, this topic is one of the key topics in the focus of tax practice. This question is asked frequently. Therefore, we make sure that we help clients defend themselves as effectively as possible. Our specialists are well versed in both the administrative and judicial formats of resolving the issue. Let’s talk in more detail about the administrative path.

Why are tax invoices blocked?

The blocking of tax invoices occurs when either the company itself or a specific business transaction falls into the list of risky ones. According to a certain amount of signs, an automated system works, and the registration of the invoice stops. Usually in such situations, it is almost impossible to wait for clear and comprehensive explanations of the reasons from the tax authorities, but the company itself faces the consequences. Counterparties do not receive a tax credit, work is slowed down, reputational losses are taking place.

The owners and managers of some companies are trying to solve the problem on their own, having learned what to write in the explanation of the release of the tax invoice. However, as the numerous experience of our clients shows, this option is inefficient in most cases and only leads to a loss of time. We came across cases where clients sometimes spent up to a dozen attempts to resolve the issue on their own. However, it was the intervention of specialists that made it possible to get things off the ground. Therefore, it is important not to waste time, but to use effective strategies to protect the interests of your own company.

How to write explanations for releasing tax invoices?

Therefore, the administrative way to resolve the issue is to write an explanation to the supervisory authority. Here it is important to know the following aspects:

  • The correctness of writing an explanation depends on how it complies with the requirements of the law.
  • If such legal requirements are not met, tax invoices will not be released.

That is why it makes sense to seek help in such a matter from specialists who really specialize in its high-quality solution, have good experience and have effective help algorithms that have shown their effectiveness in many other client cases.

Where does the work of lawyers begin?

The first thing to start with is to find out the reason why the tax invoice was blocked. This is what makes it possible to understand what strategy to formulate explanations in order to prove to the representatives of the State Tax Service that the automated system worked unreasonably.

The explanation is provided in writing. This is a mandatory requirement for him. The details of the person submitting it are indicated. It is also important to add to the explanation a list of documents confirming that the blocking of invoices took place erroneously. And it is in this context that legal support is important.


Before writing explanations, our team carefully studies your case. We get acquainted with information about assets, staff, counterparties and typical business transactions. And only after that we compose an explanation so that it:

  • was literate;
  • complied with applicable legal regulations;
  • was formulated reasonably and convincingly;
  • was supported by a documentary base confirming the content of the explanation.

So get in touch. The specialists of Prikhodko&Partners will make every effort to help you effectively and efficiently.

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Yasinskiy Yevhen
Head of tax law practice

An expert in the practice of tax law, specializes in the protection of rights in court, corporate law.

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