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Medical law

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Medical law


An Iryna

The issue of providing every citizen of Ukraine with high-quality medical care is an extremely urgent issue today. When patients go to medical facilities, their basic rights may be violated. Unfortunately, the modern Ukrainian health care system and legislative framework are imperfect. As the medical reform showed, patients and medical workers are not legally protected. That is why it is very important to enlist the support of professional lawyers. Specialists Prikhodko and Partners have extensive practical experience in the field of modern medical law.

Let’s start with a definition. Medical law is one of the branches of law, which consists of a set of legal norms. It is these legal norms that regulate social relations in the field of medical activity. Among the main principles of medical law: the principle of legality and equality; the principle of the rule of law and humanism.

Services of lawyers in the field of medical law

Let’s start with the fact that most often the services of a lawyer in the field of medical law are used by patients. To preserve your own health and money, we recommend following the following recommendations:

  1. Approach the issue of choosing a doctor or clinic carefully. You can take the recommendations of friends, your needs and capabilities as a basis.
  2. Know your rights as a consumer of medical services. At the same time, we can talk not only about polyclinics, dentistry, but also about beauty salons.
  3. If necessary, you should immediately contact professional lawyers or advocates.

However, the need for protection may also arise for medical workers. Of course, the activities of doctors are regulated by relevant laws and protocols (for example, “medical treatment protocol”). However, very often in their practical activities, medical professionals choose the most effective treatment options for the patient at their own peril and risk. Such a risk in some cases may lead to criminal liability. That is why protecting the interests of medical workers is a very important service provided by Prykhodko and Partners lawyers.

Protection of patients’ interests

Very often there are cases when patients suffer due to inadequate quality of diagnosis and treatment, detection of incorrect attitude of medical workers, violation of current legislation. Lawyers Prikhodko and Partners are ready to protect your interests both in pre-trial and in court proceedings.
Among the main patient services we provide:

  1. Legal advice on any matter related to medical law.
  2. Prevention of violations and protection of patients’ rights.
  3. Analysis of such documents as a medical service contract, medical insurance, etc.
  4. Representation in courts of various jurisdictions.

In addition, we will help establish the facts of medical negligence or medical error. If necessary, lawyers Prikhodko and Partners will be able to collect moral compensation and compensation for the costs of treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation.

Lawyer services for medical professionals

Health care professionals may also need legal assistance and the services of a medical law attorney. Cases when the rights of doctors are violated directly at the workplace are not unique. These can be, for example, conflicts provoked by the patients themselves for one reason or another.

If such situations arise, contact our lawyers. We will analyze existing problems, consider options for peaceful settlement of disputed situations.
Among the services we provide to beauty salons, polyclinics, medical professionals:

  1. Legal regulation of business entities in the field of medical law (medical institutions, doctors, beauty salons).
  2. Representation of clients’ interests in court.
  3. License acquisition/renewal.
  4. Development of contracts, internal documents on the provision of medical services.
  5. Legal protection of the clinic’s image and business reputation.


Another service we provide is medical law licensing.
According to current Ukrainian legislation, the provision of any medical services in Ukraine must be accompanied by obtaining a license. If a license is not obtained, the activity is considered illegal and punishable by fines (1000-2000 NMDG).

Modern medical law provides that medical practice is carried out:

  1. By medical specialties. Their list is approved by the Ministry of Health.
  2. At the place of medical assistance.
  3. By types of medical assistance.

The license is granted by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. To obtain it, it is important to meet certain requirements and collect the necessary package of documents. Among the characteristics of the license is perpetuity. This means that the license is issued once, without the need for renewal. When obtaining a license, all legal nuances must be taken into account. That is why it is quite difficult to get a license on your own. It is better to entrust this matter to real specialists – Prikhodko and Partners lawyers.

Thus, we provide a whole range of services in the field of medical law. We will be able to protect your interests. We are waiting for consultations!

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