Deportation of foreigners from Ukraine

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Deportation of foreigners from Ukraine

Deportation is the relocation or expulsion of a person from his or her place of residence or stay, which is used mainly as an administrative punishment. Deportation and forced departure differ from each other. In particular, in the first case, it is the obligation of foreigners and stateless persons to leave voluntarily under controlled conditions. In the second case, it means forced removal from the country by convoy. Sometimes mistakes are made in the legal field, and as a result, the decisions of the authorized state bodies to deport a person are not sufficiently justified. If you are faced with such a situation, the team of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm can help.


Why can I be deported from Ukraine?

According to the current legislation of Ukraine, the main reasons for deportation include the following:

  • staying on the territory of Ukraine without any documents that would serve as proof of identity;
  • a foreigner or stateless person commits a criminal offense;
  • a documented fact of illegal border crossing;
  • staying in Ukraine with expired documents;
  • Ignoring the rules and regulations regarding the change of residence for foreigners and stateless persons residing in Ukraine;
  • overstaying a visa;
  • violation of the transit procedure;
  • non-compliance of the work permit obtained in Ukraine with the applicable laws.

Thus, the legal framework of Ukraine clearly regulates the grounds on which a foreigner or stateless person may be deported.

What should I do to avoid deportation from Ukraine?

Sometimes, after staying in Ukraine for a certain period of time, a foreigner may realize that he or she needs to stay here. In this case, it is important to make sure that you live in Ukraine legally. To do this, you should apply for a temporary or permanent residence permit. Our law firm handles such requests. Therefore, you do not need to avoid solving legal issues that are important to you, relying on a «lucky break». It is much better to work proactively from the very beginning and do everything possible to prevent deportation.

Moreover, when a foreigner violates the statutory periods of stay in Ukraine, this can lead to negative consequences in the future. These include problems with registering civil status acts or applying to a notary, as well as a possible ban on entering Ukraine for a long period of time.

In view of this, it is better not to wait for a deportation decision, but to take care of protecting yourself from such methods of legal influence from the very beginning. At the same time, a deportation decision is not always the fault of the foreigner, as no one is immune from disputes or misunderstandings in the legal field. Therefore, in such cases, it is worth contacting really qualified lawyers who can help. Our law firm has such specialists.

Why is it necessary to appeal the deportation decision immediately?

An appeal against a decision to deport a foreigner is made in court. The rules of the current legislation define rather short terms for this, which can be found in Article 288 of the Code of Administrative Procedure. You should not hesitate if you have such a decision of the authorized state bodies against you. In order not to miss the deadline, contact lawyers who can help in such a situation and specialize in migration law in time. Our team handles such client requests on a regular basis, so we can be of assistance to you.


How can our migration lawyers and attorneys help?

When supporting such cases, we focus on the following important areas of work:

  • Assistance in gathering a convincing evidence base to prove that the decision to deport you is truly unjustified;
  • representation in court, where we will make all necessary efforts to influence the situation within the legal framework.

The law allocates 10 days for consideration of the claim. And you need to apply to the court at the location of the state body that made the decision to deport.

The team of the law firm «Prikhodko & Partners» will provide you with high-quality professional support in such situations. With sufficient experience and expertise, we know how to work for a predictable positive result. Fill out the form on the website and our migration lawyer will contact you shortly.

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Petryk Tetiana
Head of migration law practice

Lawyer, master of law, expert in the field of migration law.

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