Obtaining permission to place summer playgrounds (near cafes/restaurants)

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Obtaining permission to place summer playgrounds (near cafes/restaurants)

Obtaining a permit for placement of summer sites for cafes and restaurants is an important step in providing a comfortable environment for customers. Our law firm “Prykhodko and Partners” plays a key role in helping businesses obtain all the necessary documents and permits for the installation of summer playgrounds.

What is a summer playground?

A summer area is an area or zone that is usually located near a cafe, restaurant or other public catering establishment and is intended for serving customers in the fresh air. It can be a large terrace, an open cozy courtyard, a partially covered veranda or any other area where people can sit, talk, relax and enjoy food or drinks.

Types of summer playgrounds

Summer playgrounds with a temporary nature:

  • This type of summer playground is installed on a temporary basis and can be assembled and dismantled depending on the season or the needs of the facility. These are often open terraces with furniture and tents, allowing you to enjoy the atmosphere of the establishment in the open air.

Summer “seasonal” sites related to small architectural forms (MAF):

  • These sites have a permanent or long-term nature and legally refer to small architectural forms. They can include cozy verandas, open gazebos, as well as other objects that create an area for relaxation and eating in the fresh air. These venues usually have permanent infrastructure and equipment, such as tables, chairs, smoking and non-smoking areas, and sometimes a kitchen or bar.

Both types of summer venues allow catering establishments to attract more customers, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the food and atmosphere of the establishment outdoors.

Basic requirements for summer playgrounds


  • Only near stationary institutions. Your terrace is an extension of the restaurant, so it can only be placed near the restaurant itself.
  • Space for everyone. Provide a comfortable passage for pedestrians, including people with disabilities: the minimum width is 1.8 meters.
  • Preservation of architecture. Place the terrace so that it does not cover the facades of the building, especially authentic elements such as stucco or columns.
  • Timely dismantling. It is important that the structure of the terrace is easily assembled if there is a need to carry out repair work on the building or communications.

Terrace equipment:

  • Everything for comfort. Tables, chairs, benches, lighting, decor, umbrellas, urns, flowers and plants, as well as special equipment for temperature regulation, restaurant automation or food storage are allowed on the terrace.
  • Careful lighting. Lighting devices should create a pleasant atmosphere without disturbing pedestrians, drivers or residents of nearby buildings.
  • Light fencing. Low (up to 1 meter) prefabricated fences are allowed, which can be decorated with flowers or lanterns.
  • Rest without unnecessary noise. Loud music is prohibited on terraces in residential areas.

Safety and comfort:

  • Protection from traffic. If the terrace is located near the road, take care to protect it from accidental car collisions.
  • Sun protection. Canopies are a great solution, but they should not cover beautiful aesthetic facades.

By following these rules and recommendations, you will create a summer terrace that will become a favorite place of rest for your guests and a decoration of the city landscape. At the same time, you can get all the permits without any problems.

Where cannot summer playgrounds be placed?

There are certain restrictions on the locations of summer playgrounds, such as road safety, neighboring buildings and private areas. For example, it is forbidden to install such platforms on roadways, green areas or at public transport stops. Our lawyers know all the rules and restrictions that may affect the placement of summer playgrounds, and are ready to help you choose the right place for your facility.

Assistance of our legal company in obtaining all documents

Our legal company “Prykhodko and partners” has many years of experience in various fields, including in the field of providing legal support to catering enterprises in the organization of a summer playground. We will help you obtain all the necessary permits, documents and provide legal support at every stage of the process of obtaining a permit for the placement of summer sites.

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