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An Iryna

Head of Commercial and Civil Law Practice

Lawyer, specialist in intellectual property. Specializes in registration and protection of copyrights, inventions, patents, trademarks, as well as development of intellectual property transfer agreements, license agreements.

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Tender support

An Iryna
Head of Commercial and Civil Law Practice

Lawyer, specialist in intellectual property. Specializes in registration and protection of copyrights, inventions, patents, trademarks, as well as development of intellectual property transfer agreements, license agreements.

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Since the adoption of the Law of Ukraine “On Public Procurement” in 2015, businesses have had an excellent opportunity to increase sales through large government orders. Today, any company can become a participant in e-procurement. All you need is Internet access and the ability to fulfill the conditions set by the customer. By becoming a participant in procurement, the supplier opens new markets, including regional ones. Participation in government tenders helps to assess the level of competitiveness of your business and provides access to a new stage of its development. However, in order for participation in public procurement to be profitable, it is necessary to understand the subtleties of the procedure that have emerged with the introduction of the electronic procurement system.

However, in practice, in order to succeed in the public procurement procedure and start making a profit in public tenders, it is not enough to sell quality goods at a reasonable price. The winners in the bidding are those entrepreneurs who are professional in their participation in procurement, namely they know how to choose tenders correctly, analyze the competitive environment, prepare tender documents in a timely and high-quality manner, and protect their rights and interests.

Services in the field of tender support can be the following:

  • Tenders for protection of objects;
  • Tenders for the provision of transport services;
  • Tenders for transportation of goods;
  • Tenders for car maintenance;
  • Tenders for car repair;
  • Tenders for the provision of legal services;
  • Selection of tenders;
  • Support of public procurement.


PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS is a law firm that provides tender support services to public procurement participants. We also provide the opportunity to save money on the equipment of the staff lawyer, the payment of salaries, taxes and various types of fees by providing services for outsourcing tenders. Our reputation is confirmed by the successful experience of providing legal services in the field of public procurement.


We help bidders to properly draft and submit a tender proposal in the Prozorro system, master the work with the public procurement portal, calculate risks, identify illegal or incorrect customer requirements in a timely manner, provide assistance in tender documentation and influence it legally.

An important aspect of our company’s activities is the mandatory reporting to the client about the work done. Yes, the customer receives a mandatory weekly report and a report on the results of each purchase by e-mail or telephone.



  • creation of a personal account of the participant;
  • analysis of capacities and specifics of the client’s activity to determine the category of procurement;
  • monitoring of active procurement announcements in accordance with the client’s specialization;
  • monitoring of tenders with the participation of competitors;
  • analysis of specific announcements to determine the prospects for participation in the procurement;
  • asking questions to the customer to clarify the terms of purchase;
  • writing requirements to the customer to eliminate shortcomings or discriminatory criteria of the tender documentation.


  • preparation of tender documents in accordance with the requirements of the announcement;
  • uploading tender documents to the web portal;
  • support during the auction;
  • preparation of documents of the tender offer of the winner according to requirements of the announcement;
  • uploading documents for the winner to the web portal;
  • legal support for signing the contract.


  • writing requirements to the customer to disqualify the winner of the tender;
  • writing a complaint to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine to eliminate discriminatory conditions of the tender documentation or appeal to the winner of the procurement;
  • writing official appeals to the State Audit Office of Ukraine, Dozorro, public organizations regarding violations identified during the procurement or execution of the contract;
  • initiating criminal proceedings before law enforcement agencies to compensate for the damage and damages.


As mentioned above, the law firm provides outsourcing services, which is a very convenient service for us, as the customer of this service has the opportunity to save a significant amount of money, as it is not necessary to bear the cost of renting / maintaining office space, pay salaries to full-time employees. office expenses and the like…

Also, conducting tenders will be a real find for those companies that have recently started their business and do not have experienced specialists in this field who would be able to carry out the procedure of commercial procurement. Most companies involved in tender procurement incur significant economic losses, as for the most part both the selection of tenders and tender support are not carried out by specialists in this field.

The cost of tender outsourcing services from the law firm “PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS” is quite attractive in price equivalent. Thus, the subscription fee for full legal support of a participant is UAH 8,000 / month. (+ 1% of the amount of the contract on the won tender for goods and services, but not less than 1000 UAH. + 0.5% of the amount of the contract on the won tender for works, but not less than 3000 UAH.).

The results of the application for tender support services to specialists are obvious, namely:

  • Much higher chances of winning the tender among competitors;
  • Significant time savings;
  • Confidence in the legality and correctness of actions for procurement;
  • Opportunity to involve a professional in solving any issue at any time.
  • Providing government orders that will develop and expand the company;
  • Guarantee of high quality of service (absence of queues or long waiting);
  • If necessary, the arrival of a specialist to the customer at the location in order to develop the best tender solutions.

In order not to get into an extremely unfavorable position for your company, it is very important to contact the appropriate specialist in a timely manner.

By contacting the law firm “PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS” you will receive services from experienced professionals who have the necessary experience to implement and protect your interests as a bidder in practice. Our clients regularly receive information on innovations in the legislation on public procurement, we advise on the preparation of the tender offer without errors, we identify and counteract the risks that may arise during the procurement procedure.

At the same time, our experts appeal against illegal decisions and actions of the customer during the auction.

Our specialists will help you with issues related to participation in trade procedures.

You can order turnkey tender support in our company, for this purpose leave the application on the website, or call the specified numbers.

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