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An Iryna

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Lawyer, specialist in intellectual property. Specializes in registration and protection of copyrights, inventions, patents, trademarks, as well as development of intellectual property transfer agreements, license agreements.

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Patent search in Ukraine

Our company specializes in providing legal services in various areas, including in the field of patent law, in particular, performing patent searches. Below we will consider what a patent search is, its types and stages, the main difficulties, as well as the advantages of cooperation with our specialists.


What is a patent search?

Patent search is a complex process that includes a systematic analysis of information about existing patents, applications and other documents related to a certain invention or utility model. The main purpose of a patent search is to determine the novelty and industrial applicability of an invention, to check whether it meets the criteria for obtaining a patent, and to establish its competitive context.

A patent search can be conducted both before filing a patent application (pre-patent search) and after filing an application (post-patent search). It includes a thorough analysis of patent databases, scientific publications, technical sources and other sources of information to determine the novelty and possible influence of existing patents on the issuance of a patent for a specific invention.

Patent search allows innovators to assess the chances of successfully obtaining a patent, avoid infringing the patent rights of others, and develop a strategy to protect their intellectual property. It is an important stage in the process of development and commercialization of new technologies, products and inventions.

Types of patent research

Definition of novelty:

  • Assessment of the degree of uniqueness of the invention based on existing patents and other documents.
  • Comparison of aspects of the invention with existing technical solutions to determine novelty.

Definition of the level of technology:

  • Analysis of technical solutions and innovations in a specific field.
  • Determination of progressive aspects of the invention compared to the existing state of the art.

Patent purity:

  • Checking the presence or absence of patent rights for similar inventions.
  • Assessment of the risk of infringement of patent rights by third parties.


  • Systematic analysis and tracking of new patents, applications and technical solutions of the relevant industry.
  • Identification of new trends and development in the field of intellectual property.

Search for identical and similar trademarks:

  • Identification and analysis of trademarks that may conflict or infringe patent rights.
  • Comparison of registered and unregistered signs for compliance with legal requirements.

Each of these types of patent research plays an important role in ensuring the protection of intellectual property, defining the competitive environment and successfully introducing new technologies and inventions to the market.


The main difficulties

  • Volume of information: the search may involve the analysis of a large number of documents and patents.
  • Technical Complexity: Understanding the technical aspects of the invention for proper search and evaluation.
  • Legal aspects: the need to take into account patent law and practice.

Why is it better to contact our specialists?

Contacting our specialists for patent search support has a number of advantages that will help ensure the success of your invention and the maximum level of intellectual property protection. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Expertise and professionalism. Our team consists of experienced lawyers and patent agents who have deep knowledge of patent law and practical experience in patent search.
  • Individual approach. We understand that every invention and every customer is unique. Therefore, we create individual strategies for each client, taking into account their needs and goals.
  • Full cycle of support. Our services cover the entire patent search cycle, from preparation to analysis and report. We are with you at every stage of the process.
  • Technological support. We use modern technologies and software tools for effective patent search and information analysis.
  • Quality and efficiency. We guarantee high quality of work and prompt delivery of results. Your deadlines and requirements are our priority.
  • A comprehensive approach to the protection of intellectual property. In addition to patent searches, we also provide services for the preparation and defense of patent applications, license agreements and other legal aspects.

By contacting us, you will receive not only a high-quality patent search, but also professional support in all intellectual property matters, which will allow you to focus on the development of your business and innovation.

Let your ideas receive the highest degree of protection and become the basis for new achievements. Contact “Prykhodko and partners” – we will do everything for your comfort and protection.
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An Iryna
Head of Commercial and Civil Law Practice

Lawyer, specialist in intellectual property. Specializes in registration and protection of copyrights, inventions, patents, trademarks, as well as development of intellectual property transfer agreements, license agreements.

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