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Redesign the apartment

Buying real estate is one of the most important financial transactions in the life of almost every person. This can be quite a risky and complicated process. It requires a professional approach and full support from specialized specialists. In this article, our specialists, lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will talk about the risks, features, problems and other aspects that accompany the process of buying real estate.


How to avoid risks when buying real estate?

Legal support of agreements related to the purchase and sale of real estate is a process that begins with the acquisition of ownership of a real estate object. Such a procedure involves the presence of a third party — a specialist who specializes in registration of property rights.

The most common problems faced by buyers of real estate, in particular, apartments:

  • Legal issues

Not all people are familiar with the legal aspects of transactions involving real estate. These can be, for example, issues related to encumbrances, joint property rights, inheritance rights, etc.

Many of these problems can be avoided with the involvement of a lawyer. In addition, the legal purity of operations is ensured.

  • Documentation

The stage of preparation and verification of documentation is also very important. Our lawyers check in detail all documents, acts and contracts related to transactions. Thus, they will fully comply with the current legislation.

  • Financial and tax aspects

Buying any real estate can be accompanied by a whole range of problems, in particular, various financial and tax aspects. Only professional lawyers know all the nuances of real estate taxation and other aspects of financial responsibility.

  • Disputes

Quite often, the process of buying and selling real estate is accompanied by various conflict situations. Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will be able to protect the interests of every buyer.


Advantages of engaging a real estate lawyer

Our specialists have the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical experience, which allows us to identify a number of problems related to real estate. For example, if we are talking about the purchase of apartments on the primary market, we will check the presence of all necessary building permits. This will protect the buyer from problems with the registration of ownership rights to the apartment in the future.

Also, quite often we discover confusing, complex schemes with alienation. Our lawyers identify “problems” in contracts that lead to disputes with third parties.

We will thoroughly study the real estate object and determine the presence of debts related to the payment of taxes, as well as prohibitions on alienation, arrests, etc. The buyer is reliably protected from entering into agreements with fraudsters who are actually unrelated to the real estate objects being sold.

That is why it is better to contact professional lawyers Prykhodko and Partners before buying real estate. This will protect you from problems with real estate after purchasing an apartment. Legal support is important in the process of purchasing real estate in both the primary and secondary markets.

We provide our clients with a full list of services related to real estate. Based on the results of the analysis of each specific case, we compile the most effective action algorithm. Working for a high-quality result is one of the keys to our long-term success.
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Lawyer of real estate, construction and land law

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