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Mykolaieva Yulia

Head of the family practice department

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Alimony lawyer

Mykolaieva Yulia

Head of the family practice department

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Not always and not everyone succeeds in maintaining strong family and family relationships. Confirmation of this is the request “Kiev alimony lawyer”, which is entered by users into search engines quite often. Although the issue of alimony is mainly raised when it is necessary to support a child or children, sometimes such financial support is required by the mother of a child under 3 years old or disabled parents.

How can a lawyer for alimony at Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm be useful?

In the practice of family law of the Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm, significant attention is paid to the issues of alimony payments. Alimony lawyers work in the following areas:

support of the procedure for concluding a notarial agreement between parents on the payment of alimony;

representation of the client’s interests in litigation, which are aimed at resolving issues on the recovery of alimony as a percentage of income or in a fixed amount of money;

collection of additional expenses for the maintenance of the child (development, education, treatment);

collection of alimony arrears through the court and the procedure of enforcement proceedings.

For your information! If you are looking for a specialist on request on the Internet “alimony lawyer Kiev”, the price of services cannot and should not be a decisive search criterion. Only the specialist who does not stop practicing for a single day will be really useful for you.

In the baggage of such a specialist’s experience, there is a ready-made solution for almost any problem. The cost of the services of an alimony lawyer of this level cannot be “below market”, but you can definitely get the help you need and don’t waste your money.

What steps does the alimony lawyer take on behalf of the client?

The current legislation provides for a sufficient number of legal instruments to resolve problematic issues with the determination and payment of alimony. Leafing through the Internet pages with reference to the phrase “alimony lawyer Kiev”, you can highlight the main problems of concern to Ukrainians. Clients often turn to us with the same questions for advice.

For your information! Among the key questions about alimony we answer:

  • How to get alimony from an unemployed person? – Obtain a lump sum award.
  • How realistic is it to receive child support from the father of a child working abroad? – Is quite real. But the link will most likely be to the average salary in the region.
  • Is it true that an alimony debtor will not be able to travel abroad? – Only if the amount of payments has already been assigned, a debt was formed, and the claimant initiated the opening of enforcement proceedings.
  • How to increase the amount of alimony? – Through the court. It is also possible, instead of paying alimony, to arrange for the transfer of real estate to the child’s ownership.

If you plan to receive child support, you will need a lawyer without fail. And you can find such a lawyer at Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm.

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