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Agreement for the purchase and sale of an apartment (real estate)

In the process of concluding any real estate transactions, various legal nuances and issues inevitably arise. In most cases, it is quite difficult to understand these issues without the appropriate specialization and legal education. It is this insecurity that fraudsters and scammers love to use. As a result, in the process of concluding agreements, you can lose not only money, but also nerves and time. That is why it is better to entrust matters related to the purchase or sale of real estate to real professionals – Prykhodko and Partners lawyers. we will be able to work out a contract for the sale of an apartment or any other real estate as quickly as possible.


Preparatory stage of conclusion of the contract

After you choose the desired apartment option, you need to carry out a preliminary inspection of the real estate object. Our lawyers will help you with this. We will check all legal documents, the presence of legal disputes, whether the apartment is under arrest or in lien, possible claims of heirs or relatives, etc.

Thanks to a high-quality legal inspection of the apartment, you will be able to avoid fraud and other possible problems in the future. You will not need to additionally hire other specialists, for example, a realtor. Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will provide you with comprehensive information.

After confirming the legal “cleanliness” of the apartment, you can move on to the next stage – drafting a sales contract.

Development of a sales contract: what should you pay attention to?

A sales contract is the actual transfer of an apartment or other real estate object from one owner to another. It is better to have the agreement drawn up or at least checked by a professional lawyer.

All nuances must be taken into account in this contract, including:

  • Availability of all personal information (passport data, TIN, etc.).
  • Detailed report on the apartment (its area, address, technical information).
  • Contract amount.
  • The exact date of conclusion of the agreement.

Important: if at least one of the parties is married, the mandatory presence of the wife or husband is required, as well as written consent to the sale/purchase of real estate.

After preliminary agreement of the contract, fees, taxes, etc. are paid, after which the final contract is signed.


The next stage is to enter data about the new owner into the Register of Property Rights. An extract from the Register will serve as confirmation of ownership of the apartment.

To develop a sales contract, you will need to provide our lawyers with the following documents:

  • Passports and TINs of the parties.
  • Document – confirmation of ownership of the apartment (inheritance, donation agreement, sale agreement, etc.).
  • Written consent of all parties to the agreement.
  • Appraisal of the apartment.
  • Technical passport for the real estate object.

In the presence of minor children, permission from legal representatives or guardianship authorities will be required.

Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners provide a full range of services related to the support of real estate transactions. All these services involve the complex work of lawyers. Our main task is to protect the interests of clients during the execution of the agreement.

The complex of services of lawyers Prykhodko and Partners includes the following stages:

  • Seller verification.
  • Carrying out a comprehensive inspection before buying a real estate object.
  • Verification of the developer (legality of the alienation scheme, completeness of documents).
  • Development or study of the project of the contract of sale.
  • Accompanying the signing of the contract.

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Perepelchenko Anatolii
Senior partner

Lawyer, specializing in real estate, corporate, financial, tax, civil and contract law, as well as litigation.

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