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Submission of the NAZK declaration – support for the submission of the declaration

According to the current Ukrainian legislation, to date, the declaration of officials is one of the most effective tools for preventing corruption in the public sphere. In 2016, the e-declaration system was introduced. This system allows every citizen to find out what wealth a public official has. All data are contained in a special Register. All documents in the Register are divided by type, year of submission, etc. There are also separately defined categories of civil servants who occupy a particularly responsible position.


It is NAZK (the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption) that controls and checks the declarations of officials to identify the facts of the submission of declarations by civil servants. Also, the declaration allows you to analyze whether there is a correspondence between income and expenses. If you need to submit a declaration of National Tax Administration, the experts of our legal office Prykhodko and Partners support the submission of the declaration.

What liability is provided for late submission of the declaration?

The following types of liability may be applied for untimely submission of a declaration or falsification of data regarding public officials:

  • Disciplinary responsibility

It is used in cases where the amount of inaccurate information that was discovered does not exceed 100 NMDH.

  • Administrative responsibility

Administrative responsibility arises in the event that the amount of the specified false information is in monetary equivalent from 100 to 500 NMDH. Such violations are necessarily accompanied by fines.

  • Criminal liability

If the amount of inaccurate information is from 500 to 4000 NMDH, more serious sanctions apply, namely:

  • Fine.
  • Public works.

If the difference between reliable/unreliable data is exceeded by more than 4,000 NMDH, punishment is provided in the form of restriction of freedom and deprivation of the right to engage in certain activities.

Thus, it is better to take care in advance about the correct and prompt submission of the declaration to the NAZK.


Important nuances that must be taken into account when submitting a declaration

Let’s start with the fact that the declaration must contain information not only about the property of the declarant, but also about the property of each member of his family. Also, let us remind you that the following are subject to declaration:

  • Real estate objects.
  • Movables.
  • Objects of interior and art.
  • Jewelry.

The specifics of submitting a declaration and its content depend on the type of declaration being submitted. It can be, for example, an annual declaration, a candidate’s declaration, etc.

Support of declaration submission by professional lawyers

As it was indicated above, administrative and criminal liability is provided for late submission of the declaration and indication of false data. That is why it is better to take care of timely filling and submission of all documents.

Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners provide a full range of services to support the submission of a declaration, namely:

  • Consulting on the correct filling out of declarations to the NAKC.
  • Control over the timely submission of declarations.
  • Control/verification of the presence of the declaration in the Register.
  • Protection of the client’s business reputation and interests in court.
  • Appealing administrative decisions.

Thus, you can not worry about the timely submission and correct execution of the declaration to NAZK.

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Expert in criminal law. The lawyer specializes in crimes of corruption and bribery. Protect you in your criminal proceedings.

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