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A specialist in the practice of migration and corporate law, he also specializes in legal support for business in EU countries.

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Relocation of business to Europe

Relocating business to Europe is a strategic move that can open up new opportunities and markets for companies.

Europe is known for its developed infrastructure, stable economy, and wide opportunities for development.

Selection of the country and place of relocation of the company to Europe

The first and one of the most important steps is to choose a country and a specific location for the relocation of your business to Europe.

Different countries offer different advantages such as tax rates, access to markets, infrastructure, and labor markets. It is important to research these aspects thoroughly and choose the location that best suits your needs.

Legal aspects and regulation of company relocation to Europe

Relocation to Europe is accompanied by a large number of legal aspects and regulatory requirements.

You must understand local laws that apply to business, taxes, licenses, and company registration.

Legal support in this matter is extremely important, as it will help you comply with all requirements and avoid possible legal problems.

  • Company registration. One of the first steps is to register your company in a new country. This process may vary from country to country, and you may need to provide some documentation and meet certain conditions for registration.
  • The tax system. An important aspect is understanding the taxation system in the new country. You should find out about the tax rates, tax benefits, and obligations that apply to your business. This will help you minimize your tax burden and effectively manage your company’s finances.
  • Licenses and regulation. Some types of businesses may require special licenses and permits. You need to carefully research the regulations and requirements for your specific type of business in the new country.

Financial aspects

relocation also requires studying financial aspects. You should develop a budget for the relocation, taking into account the costs of renting an office, moving employees, purchasing equipment, and other expenses.

  • Determining the source of financing is a key task when relocating a business. This may include own funds, bank loans, investments, or financing from other sources. It’s important to develop a financing strategy that fits your needs and capabilities.
  • Currency transactions. If you plan to do business in a country with a different currency, you need to learn about currency transactions and how to protect yourself from currency risks. Opening bank accounts in local currency, and using forward contracts or other instruments can be important to maintain financial stability.

Human resources and personnel

relocation also means relocating staff or hiring new employees in a new country. You must decide on the selection, training, and welfare of your staff.

  • Selection and hiring. Consider whether you can relocate your existing staff to the new country or whether you need to hire new staff locally. It is important to develop a recruitment strategy and identify the required skills and qualifications.
  • Social security and benefits. Familiarize yourself with the social security system and benefits available to your employees in the new country. Some countries may provide assistance in providing health care, education, and other social services.

Infrastructure and office space

Planning and organization of office space is another important part of business relocation. You must determine where your office will be located, how it will be equipped, and what technologies you will use.

  • Office rent. The choice of office space affects the productivity and comfort of your staff. Consider the various office rental options and choose the one that suits your needs.
  • Technological infrastructure. It’s important to have the right technology infrastructure in place for your business. This includes the provision of Internet access, communication systems, and other technological solutions.

Marketing and business development

The last, but very important stage is the development of a marketing strategy and business development in a new country. You must study the market, develop marketing campaigns, and establish relationships with customers and partners.

  • Marketing strategy. Choosing a marketing strategy in a new country is an important aspect. You must adapt your strategy to local realities and the competitive environment.
  • Relations with clients and partners. It is important to build mutually beneficial relationships with local customers and partners. This may include working on a local marketing strategy, attending local events, and developing local partnerships.

We will help you relocate your business to Europe

Our law firm has many years of experience and successful practice in accompanying the process of business relocation to Europe.

We provide a full range of services, including advice on choosing a country and structure for relocation, company registration, obtaining the necessary permits and licenses, optimizing tax planning, as well as legal support throughout the process.

Our team has in-depth knowledge of international law and extensive experience in working with clients who wish to move their business to Europe, providing them with reliable and professional support at every stage of this important process.

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A specialist in the practice of migration and corporate law, he also specializes in legal support for business in EU countries.

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