Commissioning of the garage

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Commissioning of the garage

Most car owners are also the owners of the premises for the car, that is, the garage. However, not all such premises have been put into operation. We are talking about the legalization or commissioning of the garage.

You need to give, exchange, sell, rent:

  • Metal capital garage.
  • Garage located on the territory of the garage cooperative.
  • A garage located on the territory of a private residential building or in the yard of a high-rise building.

In all of the above situations, you will need a procedure called putting the garage into operation.

The commissioning of the garage involves obtaining a Certificate of Ownership. This is a document that will allow you to dispose of your property legally. The legalization of the garage is possible if there are documents for the land allotted for the garage. The land can be either leased or privately owned. Putting a garage into operation is one of the activities of PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS lawyers. The whole procedure is carried out in accordance with the MUO (Urban Planning Conditions and Restrictions).

What are the features of the procedure for accepting a garage for operation?

One of the most important issues related to the procedure for accepting a garage for operation is the land plot (place) where it is built. For example, a garage is built on a land plot owned by the owner of the garage. In this case, commissioning will be much simpler and easier. If the garage is located in the courtyard of a multi-storey building, the legalization procedure will be more complicated and lengthy.

If the garage is located on a land plot that belongs to you, the following package of documents is sufficient:

  • Technical certificate.
  • Construction passport.
  • Declaration of readiness of the object.

After the garage is registered with the architectural and construction control authority, the owner of the Declaration will be able to receive a lift, which will become a confirmation of his ownership. Important: if the garage was built before 1992, it does not need to be put into operation.

If the garage is built near an apartment complex, it is much more difficult to legalize it. It is impossible to obtain permission to build a garage in the yard of such a house. It is also impossible to obtain ownership of the land where the garage will be located. All land located in the courtyard of the apartment complex is the property of all residents of the complex.

Thus, commissioning a garage is a rather difficult task. You need to start by collecting a package of documents. As mentioned above, it all depends on the features and location of the property.

Commissioning and legalization of the garage: what is the difference?

What is the difference between commissioning and legitimizing a garage? We will consider the legalization of the garage in more detail. If you have an arbitrarily built garage without permits, you need to carry out the relevant legal procedures as quickly as possible. They will allow you to get title documents for the garage. In the future, this is the legalization of free disposal of the garage. That is, you can exchange it, give it as a gift, rent it, etc.

According to Article 5 of the Law of Ukraine No. 1952-IV, a metal garage is not a real estate object. This is due to the fact that a metal garage does not belong to capital structures. Thus, in this particular case, it is not necessary to register the ownership of the garage.

As for the capital garage, it must be registered in the State Register of Rights. By the time of registration, it must be put into operation. Putting it into operation, in turn, will allow to issue the right of ownership of the garage and confirm the legal disposal of it.

Assistance of professional lawyers in the commissioning of the garage

The procedure for commissioning a garage requires taking into account all the features and nuances. To do everything right, it is better to use the services of real professionals – PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS lawyers. We will help you draw up all the necessary documents for the commissioning of the garage in accordance with the MOU and the current Ukrainian legislation.

The lawyers of our company will help to put the garage into operation in a high-quality and efficient way, with minimal costs. We will consult you in detail, prepare the necessary documents. PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS lawyers will fully support the legalization procedure of the garage and other real estate.

Looking forward to your consultation! Our experts will help you choose the right option for commissioning your garage. We will provide you with comprehensive information on the legalization of a garage both on a private plot, and in a cooperative or in the courtyard of a multi-storey building.

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