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Payroll services

Vorozhbitova Krystyna
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Leading specialist with practical experience in economics and accounting

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Payroll services

Wages are a form of remuneration and are therefore a key element in the relationship between employee and employer. In addition, wages are the engine of development, and therefore the question of the approach to its calculation is important.

We will give you an example that underlines the importance of correct calculation and payment of wages.

Foreign professionals (foreigners, stateless persons), upon obtaining a work permit in Ukraine, must receive a salary in excess of 50 minimum wages. If a specialist at your enterprise does not receive such a salary, then in the next month the migration service will revoke the work permit in Ukraine, and you will have to say goodbye to such an employee. And it does not matter for what reason the salary was not paid: either your specialist made a mistake, or he did not know such a legislative condition.

Varieties of payroll

Payroll services are a number of separate areas in which a specialized specialist conducts his activities:

Calculation of wages, taxes and contributions.


Calculation of remuneration under civil contracts.


Drawing up statements on the payment of advance and wages at the end of the month.


Reports on the calculation of vacation payments, compensations and sick leave payments.


Calculation upon dismissal and redundancy.


Preparation and submission of reports on personnel.


        Payroll services.


The above issues, as well as reporting on the Unified Social Contribution and Personal Income Tax, military tax are relevant for many, therefore, both large companies and small businesses resort to outsourcing payroll services.

Payroll services are very complex processes. Which is time consuming and therefore requires proper organization. An illiterate accountant or an accountant without practical skills is unlikely to choose the correct accounting system, which in turn will bring significant complications, errors, delays in the accrual of finances, overpayment of taxes, litigation and litigation.


Payroll service is an opportunity to optimize the work of the internal finance department. Correct calculation and timely payment of wages requires the employer to attract serious financial and human resources, as well as the availability of professional competencies and skills in this area for the company’s personnel. An effective solution to the problem is payroll outsourcing, that is, transferring the implementation of this business process to a professional. We guarantee complete security of your confidential data and continuity of work processes. We ensure that our services strictly comply with the corporate standards of your company, as well as comply with all the requirements of the tax and labor legislation of Ukraine, as well as constantly monitor all changes in legislation and requirements of regulatory bodies, which ensures protection from tax and financial risks. For the calculation of wages, the whole range of necessary operations is carried out, including the calculation of the amounts of remuneration to employees, deductions for taxes and fees, as well as various tax deductions, but we also advise on the correctness of the processing of payment of wages to various categories of workers, including foreign citizens.

Payroll audit

We also conduct an audit of wages, since the problem of “dead souls” is very common in large enterprises. Father-in-law, in fact, the employee’s salary is paid, but in fact such an employee has never worked at the enterprise. In this case, one of the specialized specialists (for example, the chief accountant) receives a salary instead of such an employee, and this is a loss for your business.

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You can order a payroll calculation on a regular basis from the specialists of the Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm, who will audit the wages of your employees, draw up a list of all the shortcomings, and also eliminate them and put all the reporting in order. Contact us, we will be happy to become your partner.

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