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Yasinskiy Yevhen

Head of tax law practice

An expert in the practice of tax law, specializes in the protection of rights in court, corporate and labor law.

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Obtaining a license to sell fuel

Yasinskiy Yevhen
Head of tax law practice

An expert in the practice of tax law, specializes in the protection of rights in court, corporate and labor law.

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In order to obtain a license for the right to trade fuel in parts, an enterprise needs to submit an application and the corresponding package of documents to the main department of the State Tax Service at the place where the trade will take place.

How to apply?

The application can be submitted either personally or through a legal representative. This can be done by visiting the State Tax Service, sending a letter or filling out a form electronically. Obtaining a license is available to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

What supporting documents are needed?

The application, which is written in any form, is accompanied by the following documents:

  • documentation confirming the right of ownership or use of the land where the facility intended for the sale of fuel is located;
  • a copy of the act confirming the commissioning of the facility or readiness for it;
  • a copy of the permit to perform high-risk work and use the appropriate equipment.

Thus, the legislation clearly regulates the list of documents required for trade. At first glance, it may seem that there is excessive pickiness about permitting documentation, but the sale of fuel is associated with increased risk, so this approach at the level of current regulations is completely justified.

Documents can be submitted both original and copies. In some cases, even copies are not required. This applies to situations where such documentation is contained in the relevant public registers. But in this case, the application must contain information about the details of these documents and the registers where to find them.


What else should be noted in the application?

When you submit your application, it must include information such as:

  • the type of business activity that your company is engaged in (or that you are engaged in as a sole proprietor);
  • address of the place where the trade will take place;
  • list of RPO (here for each RPO you should indicate its serial number, model, modification, manufacturer, date of manufacture, registration number).

You should immediately indicate everything correctly, so that later you do not have unnecessary problems and hassle in order to repeatedly go to the State Tax Service and again waste time submitting documents.

Ліцензія на продаж пального

The best option would be to entrust the matter to a legal representative. The team of the Prikhodko&Partners law bureau includes experts who regularly undertake support of client requests related to obtaining a license.

How much does a license cost and how long does it take to produce?

For this service you need to pay the State Tax Service an administrative fee:

  • 2000 hryvnia per year for each place where you will sell retail fuel;
  • 5000 hryvnia per year for each place where you will sell fuel wholesale;
  • 780 hryvnia for the right to store fuel.

As for the deadlines, within 20 calendar days you must receive either the document itself or a reasoned refusal explaining the reason. When we take on the support of such cases, we work exclusively for the result, so we do everything necessary to ensure that there are no refusals.

Non-issuance of a license can be appealed both in the State Tax Service itself and in the district administrative court.

What are the consequences of selling fuel without a license?

Trade in fuel without a license leads to negative consequences in the form of very significant penalties. For example, if we are talking about wholesale trade, then if such an offense is discovered, you will have to pay 500 thousand hryvnia. As for retail trade, it is 250 thousand. Probably, these amounts themselves are the most convincing answer as to whether it is worth applying for a license. Of course, this is a completely necessary procedure, and its cost itself is significantly less than the penalties that an enterprise will face if it violates the law.


Why should you contact us?

The law firm “Prikhodko&Partners” offers its clients its services in a comfortable format. For example, when we mean consulting, you can choose a comfortable format – online or offline by visiting our office. As for support in obtaining a license, regular work in this category of requests made it possible to work out an algorithm of actions that helps resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

We urge you not to take risks and not sell fuel without a license, because huge fines often cast doubt on the possibility of further business. Therefore, it would be better to arrange everything appropriately. And we will provide quality assistance in this.

You can also order a consultation from us on further interactions with the State Tax Service, because knowledge of effective tips on communication with the regulatory body helps you feel confident and protect yourself from abuse of power by officials. Therefore, the services of our law office will be useful to you in many situations and a wide variety of requests. We employ top specialists in various areas of law.

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