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Sirenko Mykola

A specialist in the practice of migration and corporate law, he also specializes in legal support for business in EU countries.

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A specialist in the practice of migration and corporate law, he also specializes in legal support for business in EU countries.

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In today’s global business environment, effective financial management and optimization of payment processes are an integral part of every company’s development strategy.

We play an important role in this process, supporting businesses in structuring their payments and financial flows.

Legislative competence and optimization of payments

As a law firm, we play a key role in ensuring compliance of payment operations with standards and legal requirements.

This helps enterprises avoid violations of financial regulations and promotes the implementation of optimal payment procedures.

This is especially relevant in the context of growing regulation of the financial sector and international anti-fraud and anti-money laundering standards.

Structuring financial flows for effective management

Law firms help businesses structure their financial flows in order to manage money effectively.

This may include developing an optimal payment system for customers and suppliers, optimizing tax obligations, and minimizing the risks of currency fluctuations.

Correct structuring of financial flows helps enterprises to ensure stability and growth in the long term.

International payments and tax optimization

The growing volume of international trade requires special attention to international payments and tax optimization.

We provide advice and practical support on tax planning issues, helping businesses to minimize the tax burden in international transactions.

They also ensure compliance of payment transactions with tax laws and international standards.

Legal support and protection of interests

In the event of conflicts or disputed situations related to payments and financial flows, the law firm provides legal support and protection for the interests of its clients.

We can represent the company in court proceedings, help in settling conflicts with counterparties and ensure compliance with rights and obligations in the field of financial transactions.

Cross-border payments and currency risk control

Making cross-border payments may be accompanied by currency risks associated with fluctuations in exchange rates. We help businesses develop strategies to reduce currency risks, such as the use of forward contracts or options.

They also help to ensure compliance of cross-border payments with legislation on exchange operations and registration of foreign economic contracts.

Tax planning and optimization

Conducting financial transactions with foreign entities often requires attention to tax planning and optimization.

We help enterprises determine the optimal structure of operations to reduce tax obligations, avoid double taxation and comply with the legislation of the partner country.


Structuring payments and financial flows is an important aspect of a successful business.

We provide comprehensive support to enterprises in solving issues related to the optimization of payments, tax planning, and ensuring compliance with legislation.

Structuring financial flows with various subjects of foreign economic activity requires specialized support from relevant specialists.

They help businesses effectively interact with partners from different countries, ensuring compliance with legislation, optimizing tax obligations, and minimizing risks.

Understanding legal aspects and implementing effective strategies contribute to the successful conduct of international business and the development of sustainable partnership relations.

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