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Lawyer in court

Legal services for individuals and legal entities!

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Lawyer in court

On the one hand, the court in many cases is an extreme measure to protect one’s rights and legitimate interests. On the other hand, there is a real opportunity to achieve justice even where “all is lost”, for example, to recover an old debt or receive compensation for the damage caused.

A lawyer in court is ready to become your reliable assistant for solving such problems. Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm has a successful litigation practice. Immediately after receiving your request, we are ready to get down to business!

What is the competence of a trial lawyer?

In the West, a judicial lawyer is defined by a separate concept – “litigator” (from the Latin litigator – “disputant”). The knowledge and skills of such a specialist differ significantly from the competence of a mediator-lawyer or a corporate lawyer.

Important! In Ukraine, the status of a lawyer has acquired particular importance since 2019, when the right of representation in courts of all instances was transferred exclusively to persons with a lawyer status.

A lawyer in court has the competence to represent the interests of:

  • suspect, accused, victim, convict, acquitted in criminal proceedings;
  • civil plaintiff and defendant.

What services does a lawyer provide in the court of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm?

Acting on the basis of an agreement on the provision of legal assistance, with confirmation of authority by an order or power of attorney, a court attorney:

develops and submits to the court a statement of claim, withdrawal / objection to the claim, other procedural documents (petitions, requests, explanations);

prepares and presents to the court evidence and arguments in the case;

participates in court hearings, including debates;

negotiates with an opponent in order to conclude a settlement agreement.

Important! If the client is not satisfied with the decision made by the court, the court attorney is ready to look for grounds for appealing against the decision of the court of first instance. If necessary, a lawyer represents the interests of the client in the Supreme Court.

Guided by the norms of advocate ethics, the specialists of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm do not guarantee 100% success in court, but they reasonably count on it due to the availability of the necessary knowledge and experience.

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