Criminal lawyer abroad for Ukrainians

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Kovalev Artem

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Criminal lawyer abroad for Ukrainians

A criminal lawyer is a competent specialist in the field of criminal law. Every day, thousands of companies and citizens need the services of a professional lawyer outside of Ukraine. A very important point is the possibility of obtaining legal services abroad from Ukrainians. Criminal lawyer abroad for Ukrainians is one of the services provided by the lawyers of our company PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS. We know how to protect your interests. The services of a lawyer may be needed even in cases where you are not involved in the commission of a particular crime.

Although there are many law firms in Ukraine, however, not all of them can offer the services of specialists of a narrow profile who can come to you and solve your problem locally. Lawyers in criminal cases PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS are experienced and focused on winning.

Services of a criminal lawyer abroad

Even people who are absolutely clean before the law in some cases need the services of a lawyer in criminal proceedings (cases).
Among such cases:

  • Insidious questions of the investigators.
  • The presence of mitigating circumstances that were ignored at the stage of the pre-trial investigation.
  • Incorrectly built line of defense.
  • Careless statements at an investigation or in court.

Фото: Criminal lawyer abroad for UkrainiansCriminal cases are one of the most difficult areas. If you feel that your rights have been or may be violated, contact the specialists of the law firm PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS for help.

Among the main categories of criminal cases:

  1. Crimes against health and life.
  2. Crimes against honor, will, dignity.
  3. Economic and tax crimes.
  4. Crimes against property.
  5. Crimes related to illegal arms trafficking.
  6. Crimes provoked by illegal drug trafficking.
  7. Crimes in the field of information security.

It is very important to involve a lawyer in the consideration of the case at the stage of pre-trial investigation. A criminal lawyer will be able to build a competent and correct line of defense. We are talking about both forensic examinations and the implementation of any procedural actions. Our lawyers will ensure that your rights are 100% respected at all stages of the criminal proceedings. If they are violated, a criminal lawyer will record all this and promptly eliminate such violations.

At the same time, it is very important to fully trust your lawyers. Only in this case, the lawyer will be able to qualitatively protect your rights in a criminal case.

A lawyer is allowed to participate in a case at any stage of criminal proceedings. The accused, defendant, suspect of committing a criminal offense or a misdemeanor has the right to defense.

Assistance of PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS criminal lawyers

As practice shows, it is very important to enlist the support of a professional lawyer in criminal cases. Delay in solving a difficult situation leads to significant limitations. For example, you will not be able to appeal your detention, freely dispose of your property, etc.

PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS criminal lawyers abroad:

  • Professional legal advice will be provided 24/7.
  • They will become a direct participant in the legal process.
  • They will perform all the functions of a criminal lawyer.
  • If necessary, conduct your own independent investigation at the pre-trial stage.
  • They will become your direct representative in the process of judicial investigation.
  • They will accompany the case to its logical conclusion in your favor.

Фото: Criminal lawyer abroad for Ukrainians

PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS criminal lawyers have extensive practical experience in handling international cases. Among our advantages is an individual approach to the consideration of each specific case, knowledge of the English language and legislation of most countries of the world.

You can not worry about the fact that your data will be disclosed. There is a rule of non-disclosure of confidential information among lawyers.

If you have become a participant in a criminal process outside of Ukraine, do not even try to solve the existing problem yourself. After all, it often only worsens the circumstances of the case. It is better to contact professionals – criminal lawyers. company PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS.


Do you still have questions? We are waiting for a preliminary consultation! The cost of the services of a criminal lawyer abroad depends on various factors, including: the complexity and specificity of the criminal case, the country, other circumstances of the case. Also, the status of a participant in criminal proceedings has a great influence on the price. To calculate the exact price of the services of a criminal lawyer abroad, fill out the form below.

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Kovalev Artem
Head of criminal law practice

Head of problem debt practice, criminal lawyer

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