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Narcotic substances have always been the subject of attention of society and law enforcement agencies. Protecting your rights in drug-related cases is extremely important. Our drug attorneys are ready to be your strong advocates in this difficult case.


Types of criminal offenses in Ukraine related to drugs

Ukraine faces a variety of drug-related criminal offenses. It can be cultivation, production, storage, distribution or even simple use of drugs. The most common offenses are drug possession, drug trafficking and the cultivation of plants containing prohibited substances.

What is the criminal liability in Ukraine due to narcotic substances?

In Ukraine, criminal responsibility for violations related to narcotic substances is regulated by the Criminal Code of Ukraine. According to the law, criminal offenses related to drugs include a variety of actions:

  • Cultivation and production. Cultivation of plants from which narcotic substances are obtained, or their production, may be punishable by a fine, restriction of liberty, or deprivation of liberty for a certain period.
  • Possession of narcotic substances without the purpose of selling them is also punishable under the Criminal Code. Penalties may include fines, arrests, restraints, or imprisonment.
  • Dissemination. Violations related to the sale, transfer or distribution of narcotics enable law enforcement agencies to prosecute. Liability for these actions may also include large fines, restrictions on liberty, or imprisonment.
  • Use of narcotic substances without a medical prescription is no less important aspect of legal responsibility. A person may be held liable, which may include a fine or administrative sanctions.
  • The commission of a crime by a group of persons. If the criminal acts are related to organized crime or a criminal group, then the punishment may be increased and include imprisonment for a long period.

It is important to emphasize that liability can depend on several factors, such as the amount of drugs involved, the circumstances of the crime and the person’s prior criminal record. Additionally, a qualified drug attorney can help determine the best defense approach and minimize the possible consequences for the defendant.


What does the withdrawal of charges in a drug case depend on?

The chances of dismissal of charges under these articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine may depend on various factors, which include the legal, factual and procedural circumstances of the case. Below are some factors that may affect the chances of a successful defense:

  • Evidence base. If there is a weak evidence base, improperly collected evidence, or violations of rights during the search or detention, this can be the basis for questioning the legality of the prosecution.
  • Violation of the rights of the detainee. If the rights of a person accused of a crime have been violated during detention, this can lead to the rejection of some evidence or even the dismissal of the case.
  • Disadvantages in the trial. Mistakes in the conduct of the trial, incorrect application of the rules for questioning witnesses, or misinterpretation of the law can be grounds for challenging the court’s decision and rejecting the prosecution.
  • Cooperation with the defender. Working with an experienced attorney, especially one who specializes in drug-related cases, is an important component of a successful defense. A professional defense attorney can identify legal flaws in the case and develop a strategy to get the charges dismissed.

Why is it important to get an attorney right away if you’ve been wrongfully accused?

Getting a drug lawyer right away is a key aspect of a successful defense. Our lawyers have deep knowledge in this area and have extensive experience in representing clients in similar cases. They understand the specifics of court proceedings and are able to develop an effective strategy to protect your rights.

When wrongfully accused of a drug crime, your attorney will determine the most appropriate defense approach and use all legal means to ensure a fair trial. The lawyer will interact with law enforcement agencies, collect the necessary evidence and prepare strong arguments in favor of the client.

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The lawyer specializes in criminal law and criminal process, as well as dispute resolution in court

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