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Bozrikov Philip

A specialist in the practice of migration and corporate law, he also specializes in legal support of businesses in Ukraine and EU countries.

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Opening a company by power of attorney

A specialist in the practice of migration and corporate law, he also specializes in legal support of businesses in Ukraine and EU countries.

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Creation of own companies is a task that requires a lot of time, effort, and resources. But what if you have an idea, but do not want or cannot be physically present for registration and management business?

In this case worth considering the possibility discovery company on behalf of. It effective way to implement your business idea without spending a lot of time on registration and organization formalities.

What is such a company on behalf of?

Nominee Company Company is the legal structure in which the owner of the company has another natural person or legal entity known as a “nominee” or ” nominal “. There is no nominee no control or ownership of the company and operates by appointment only the owner of the company who remains anonymous and can conduct business remotely.

Advantages discovery companies by mandate

  • Anonymity: Owner companies remain confidential and not indicated in the registered enterprises. It is especially relevant for those who wish to keep their financial and business plans secret.
  • Reduction of administrative responsibilities: Nominees responds to many administrative duties, such as registration, filing financial reporting, tax report, and others. You can focus on your own business without worrying about legal one’s formalities.
  • Fast creation business: Process creation companies on behalf of can be significantly faster and less difficult, comparatively with ordinary registration.
  • Decrease risks: In case of bankruptcy or the company’s legal problems, risks and responsibility to the creditor’s nominee, not the owner company

How does it work company on behalf of?

Process discovery companies on behalf of usually look as follows:

  • Choice nominees: You choose a nominee (a natural person or legal entity), who will act in the role of the owner company.
  • Signing the agreement: An agreement is concluded between the owner company and nominee in which are determined conditions instructions and rights of the parties.
  • Registration companies: Nominees register the company named owner and perform all necessary administrative actions.
  • Authorization Management: Owner companies give out the nominee’s authority to manage the company and accept solutions from his name.
  • Payment of nominal fee: Nominees receive a reward for their services, which can be a fixed amount or percentage from the profit company.

The advice of choice nominee and legal support

  • Carefully choose nominees: Important to choose a reliable and trusted nominee, who adheres to the agreement and is responsible for administrative procedures.
  • Apply for legal support: It is recommended to consult with lawyers specializing in the creation companies on behalf of, you to ensure legal safety and define the best approach for your situations.
  • Carefully study the agreement: Before entering into an agreement with a nominee, carefully read and understand all terms of the agreement, including obligations and rights of the parties, and better entrust it to professional lawyers.

Discovery companies on behalf of can be a profitable and practical option for those who have limited time and opportunities for physical activity presence in business processes. However, importantly consider all legal aspects of this approach and provide reliable legal support for successful driving business remotely.

If you are considering the possibility discovery company on behalf of and wish to get professional support and advice on these questions, we recommend contacting the legal “Prikhodko and Partners ” company.

Our experienced lawyers have perennial experience in the field creation companies on assignment and provision legal support business.

We are ready to provide you with professional help in choosing nominees, concluding agreements, and all necessary legal procedures for the discovery company on your behalf.

Our competence and reliability will help you focus on developing your own business and having confidence in the legal security and privacy of your partnership with us.

Do not hesitate to choose us as your business partner. We are ready to provide you with quality and individual legal support at every stage discovery company on behalf of ensure your success and prosperity.

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