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Perepelchenko Anatolii

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Lawyer, specializing in real estate, corporate, tax, civil and contract law, as well as litigation.

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Raiding lawyer

Perepelchenko Anatolii
Заступник керуючого партнера

Lawyer, specializing in real estate, corporate, tax, civil and contract law, as well as litigation.

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Raiding lawyer in Kiev

Many of us have heard the definition of “raiding” or “raider”, but not everyone understands what this definition means.

Raiding is illegal self-seizure of someone else’s property, business, land, company, and the like. That is, these are actions aimed at taking possession of someone else’s property using mainly forceful methods. A raider is a person who commits such actions.

In Ukrainian legislation, this is a criminal offense.

Is it possible to resist raiding on your own? Probably not, since this is a rather complicated procedure that requires enough skills and abilities.

As in any other situation, legal assistance and support will not hurt.

When contacting a raiding lawyer, you can get a set of legal and factual actions that will help analyze the business and prevent raider seizure.

Raiding cases are possible due to gaps in the current legislation. When the same position can be interpreted in different ways.

What is the help of a raiding lawyer?

  • First, in analyzing the situation and choosing the right strategy to protect the business from illegal actions of third parties.
  • Secondly, in helping to draft legal documents that can protect a business from illegal takeover.
  • Preparation of complaints against the actions of the state registrar in the event of illegal registration of property rights.
  • Monitoring of state registers to keep information about the company up to date.
  • It is worth noting that if you independently identify the first signs of a raider takeover, you should not hesitate, but immediately contact a lawyer for raiding. After all, delay in this matter can only harm.
  • You can also conduct an anti-raider audit of an enterprise from time to time, which will help minimize possible attacks on the business.

Thus, in reality, it can be argued that there are important and necessary steps on the part of the head of the enterprise to combat raiding. But contacting a raiding lawyer is not a panacea that can solve the problem right away. In our conditions, this is just a tool that is provided to everyone for protection when the raider is already on the doorstep. In this case, the main thing is to use such a tool skillfully and in a timely manner.

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