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Assistance in obtaining Ukrainian citizenship

Petryk Tetiana

Head of migration law practice, master of law, expert in the field of migration law.

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A citizen, in comparison with a non-resident, has more opportunities for realization his rights and freedoms in Ukraine. If you intend to link your fate with Ukraine forever or for a long time, lawyers and lawyers of Prikhodko & Partners law firm are ready to provide you legal assistance in obtaining Ukrainian citizenship.

Important! The algorithm, cost and terms of obtaining citizenship depend on the grounds that will be used in your case.

What is the use of assistance in obtaining Ukrainian citizenship from a lawyer on migration issues?

Hiring a lawyer is an opportunity to achieve a result with minimal effort and in the shortest possible time. The lawyer knows all the nuances of applying the norms of Law No. 2235-III “About Citizenship” dated January 18, 2001, Law No. 2491-III “About Immigration” dated June 7, 2001, as well as the corresponding bylaws. And most importantly, a lawyer on migration issues constantly practices, therefore, he knows how to avoid mistakes and oversights.

Assistance in obtaining citizenship as a matter of priority provides the analysis of documents and the client’s situation in order to understand which way to go further.

Important! You can apply for registration of Ukrainian citizenship according to a simplified procedure:

  • by the right of blood (jus sanguinis) – by the citizenship of the parents, regardless of where the parents were born or live;\
  • by the law of territorial origin – birth or residence in Ukraine of one of the parents, grandfather or grandmother (until 1991 including), brother or sister, son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter;
  • upon renewal (restoration) of citizenship – upon temporary refusal from Ukrainian citizenship and obtaining citizenship of another country.

Points mentioned in the list of grounds for obtaining citizenship in a general manner (Article 9 of Law No. 2235-III):

  • marriage with a citizen of Ukraine for more than 2 years;
  • permanent residence in the country with a permanent residence permit for 5 or more years;
  • military service in the Armed Forces for at least 3 years;
  • residence for 3 years in the country (for refugees and stateless persons).

For your information! Assistance in obtaining citizenship sometimes involves the preparation of documents on such grounds as the establishment of custody of an incapacitated person, adoption, and so on.

What steps does assistance in obtaining Ukrainian citizenship include?

A lawyer collects and prepares documents for the Migration Service. In particular, the client is provided with assistance in completing the citizenship application. Upon request such certificates are collected:

about knowledge of the Ukrainian language;

about crossing the state border of Ukraine over the past 5 years;

from the register of acts of civil status.

For your information! In some cases, to achieve the goal, it is required to go through rather complex procedures. For example, to establish in a judicial proceeding a fact of legal significance.

Migration lawyer at Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm is ready to support you until you get the desired result, regardless of the complexity of the task!

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