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Property division lawyer

Legal services for individuals and legal entities!

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Property division lawyer

The need to divide property often arises between former spouses after divorce, between heirs and between former business partners. In such cases, a lawyer for the division of property is required (Kiev, by the way, is in the TOP requests for legal services in this area).

Lawyers and lawyers of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm are ready to offer their help. Our main advantage for clients is constant practice and accumulation of experience in solving complex problems. If you have to divide the property – a lawyer of our company is at your service!

What is included in the services of a lawyer for the division of property?

For your information! The fundamental point in the division is the presence or absence of an agreement between the co-owners. Depending on this, the lawyer for the division of property chooses an algorithm of actions:

conclusion of an agreement between co-owners;

solution of the issue through the court.

A lawyer at Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm is ready to accompany the client in the implementation of both the first and the second way to achieve the goal. Specifically, we are talking about:

  • on the development of a draft agreement on the division of property and support of its notarization;
  • on the preparation of a claim to the court, the collection of materials necessary for consideration, participation in meetings and support in the implementation of the court decision.

What is the cost of the services of a lawyer for the division of property?

In addition to the presence or absence of consent between the co-owners, the property regime prior to partition is important. This factor also affects the cost of the services of a lawyer in the division of property.

For your information! The peculiarity of shared ownership consists in a clear definition of the size of the shares of each co-owner, for example, business partners. Each co-owner has the right to allocate his share in kind or receive monetary compensation from others. Common joint ownership is associated with the uncertainty of the shares of co-owners, which means the complication of the division process. An example is the property of spouses, acquired over the years of marriage.

A divorce and division of property lawyer sometimes faces quite difficult tasks. Especially if one of the spouses is trying to re-register or hide the property in order to avoid division.

For your information:

  • According to Article 372 of the Civil Code, the shares of the property of co-owners (spouses) with common joint ownership are equal.
  • An exception is the establishment of other proportions by agreement or by law.
  • If the co-owner wishes to increase or decrease his share, this can be done through the court.
  • In this case, the court must present arguments that are significant.

In practice, the division of property, especially real estate, is associated with many nuances. For example, with the preparation of construction and technical expertise, to find out the possibilities to separate the parts of each co-owner.

When you are supported by an experienced lawyer, the division of property will take place with the maximum consideration of your interests and with the minimum cost of your nerves!

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