Care on a non-professional basis for parents

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Care on a non-professional basis for parents

Sooner or later, every citizen faces the problem in life that his parents have reached a respectable age and do not have the physical ability to properly take care of themselves.

Usually, in such cases, people need outside help in fulfilling basic household needs and providing care from their family members or close relatives. This shows the relevance of consideration of this topic for today.

And therefore, in this article, we will talk about how to establish care for your parents on a non-professional basis, while taking into account the provisions of the current legislation of Ukraine.

Who can claim care provided on a non-professional basis?

The list of such persons is established by Ukrainian legislation, namely:

  • citizens with an established disability of the first group;
  • children who have an acquired disability or health defects from birth;
  • elderly persons with cognitive impairments, i.e. those who testify about disruption of the normal functioning of the brain(decreased memory, perception of things, mental abilities, speech impairment, etc);
  • citizens who have diseases that cannot be cured by methods of modern and non-traditional medicine. In addition, in connection with existing disorders in the body, they cannot serve their own needs independently, as well as move without outside help;
  • children who have not been diagnosed with a disability, but who are suffering from severe damage to the nervous system, have congenital malformations, existing injuries, etc. (for example, birth damage to the skeleton, brain ischemia, Down’s syndrome, hypoglycemia, diabetes, etc.). To determine the list of serious diseases, refer to the resolution of the CMU dated December 27, 2018 No. 1161.

Therefore, if your parents can be classified into one of the above categories, then you have the right to establish care for them on a non-professional basis.

Importantly! Individuals can provide care services on a non-professional basis, without the latter receiving special training and knowledge on compliance with the standards of providing social services only if their ward is a family member, connected with them by life, has mutual obligations and rights, and also lives together with the provider of social services.

Are non-professional care services paid for?

Resolution No. 859 of the CMU dated September 23, 2020, determines the procedure for payments to persons providing care on a non-professional basis.

So, for example, the amount of compensation that can be received by a person providing care on a non-professional basis is calculated based on the difference between the subsistence minimum per person in the current year, as well as the average monthly total income of an individual for 1 quarter.

To determine the average monthly total income of an individual who provides social services on a non-professional basis, it is necessary to divide the entire average total family income for 1 quarter by the number of family members included in it.

In addition, information on such income must be transmitted in an automated manner between authorities, institutions, organizations, and enterprises to have up-to-date data on the amount of compensation.


If you have any questions about the implementation of professional care for parents, in such a case contact the Prihodko and Partners law firm.

Our team will provide you with comprehensive answers regarding the issue of establishing non-professional care for parents because we have practical experience in working with similar issues and thorough knowledge in the field of family law in Ukraine. So don’t delay and contact us!

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Family law lawyer. Specializes in divorce and probate matters.

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