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Lawyer services in Kiev

Waking up on an alarm clock in the morning and drinking a cup of coffee cannot be guaranteed with absolute certainty that you won’t need a lawyer in a few hours. Even if you are a law-abiding citizen, it is better to have a number in the phone book that is simply signed: “lawyer Kiev”. Prikhodko Andrey

The help of a lawyer in Kiev is offered by a considerable number of firms, bureaus, companies and associations. At the same time, finding a lawyer of a good level and with experience in solving a problem similar to yours is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

Important! The services of a lawyer can be a decisive factor in your material well-being, the fate of your business, or even being at large. Trust experienced professionals, read reviews, take into account the price of services, but do not rely only on it when choosing a legal defender.

Lawyer services: price, features of provision, guarantees

Let us consider the features of the provision of services by a lawyer using the example of the work of specialists of the law firm Prikhodko & Partners. Without false modesty, we are among the leaders in the legal services market in certain areas. You can confidently focus on the quality and conditions of the provision of legal services by us.

How much does a lawyer’s services cost in Ukraine?

On the website of any law firm, you can see the price list, where the prices are indicated. At the same time, the services of a lawyer in the city of Kiev will not cost much more than the assistance of a specialist in the provinces. But in terms of experience, the capital lawyer will give odds to the provincial one, even without the slightest doubt.

For your information! When figuring out how much the services of a lawyer cost, take into account the specifics of the work ahead. For example, if you go to order the development of a draft contract, then the service will be assessed, and if – representation in court or in negotiations, then the cost of a lawyer’s services will most likely be calculated hourly.

Due to the unfavorable economic situation in the country, the issue of the cost of legal assistance is fundamental for many Ukrainians. Confirmation of this is the request on the Internet such as “lawyer Kiev price”, “lawyer services Kiev prices” and “cost of services of a lawyer Kiev”.

At the same time, there is one golden rule with regards to legal services: it is better to pay a legal defender more and win than save and lose. In particular, a claim for compensation for the costs of legal assistance with the defendant can be included in the lawsuit.

How do I hire a lawyer?

If you have chosen a lawyer, legal services will be provided to them on the basis of a legal assistance agreement. Such an agreement includes the terms of cooperation with the client, mutual obligations and guarantees.

For your information! If legal assistance is provided by the specialists of Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm, the contract includes a clear list of obligations to the client, including those regarding the preservation of confidentiality and work in all those areas that are required to achieve the result. On the other hand, the assistance of a lawyer is provided for a fee. Therefore, the contract also prescribes the amount of the fee or the principles of its calculation, depending on the volume of services provided.

Analyzing everyday practice, we can conclude that the majority of such requests on the Internet as “attorney price”, “advocate Kiev” and “attorney legal services Kiev” are placed in order to find a specialist to defend interests in court.

In such cases, the assistance of a lawyer in the city of Kiev is provided on the basis of a notarized power of attorney or order (in addition to the contract). The order is issued by the lawyers’ association (bureau). The power of attorney is drawn up personally with a lawyer at a notary. The documents regulate the implementation of certain procedural actions in court, determine the rights and powers of a lawyer.

Legal advice: frequently asked questions

Many law firms, including ours, have the online lawyer service. You can ask a question to a lawyer in the chat, or by signing up for a consultation through the feedback form.

Important! Consultation with a lawyer in the chat is provided free of charge, but does not imply an in-depth analysis of the situation and the provision of specific links to legislative acts and court precedents. Such online lawyer assistance is a way to guide the interested person on further actions in the right direction. In fact, the legal issue after such a consultation still needs to be resolved, so a lawyer is needed.

At the same time, full-fledged legal advice is also provided online, in oral or written format. A lawyer in Kiev communicates with clients who are hundreds and even thousands of kilometers away. If necessary, a Kiev lawyer sends documents through instant messengers or by e-mail.

Consulting a lawyer in the city of Kiev provides answers to the following questions:

  • Will a good lawyer in Kiev be able to remove the arrest from my apartment?
  • If you need a lawyer in the city of Kiev, do I have to have a residence permit?
  • Are the prices for attorney services for retirees lower?
  • To find a lawyer in Kiev, do you need to look at reference sites?
  • What services of a lawyer in Kiev are provided for refugees?
  • Can stateless persons receive legal services in Kiev?
  • Will a private lawyer help me with the division of property after a divorce?
  • How will an experienced lawyer solve the problem of being banned from traveling abroad for debts?
  • A good lawyer in Kiev will help to sue my part of the inheritance?
  • What are the fees for a white collar lawyer?

If you are looking for an experienced lawyer, Kiev is the city where you can easily find one. And although the cost of a lawyer’s services in Kiev is important, try not to make it the main guideline when choosing a specialist. We wish you peace and prosperity!

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