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Commissioning of gas stations

Lawyer of real estate, construction and land law

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Commissioning a gas station as part of a network or an autonomous gas station is a rather expensive and serious matter. Of course, any experienced entrepreneur should analyze all the risks of investing in this type of activity. It will be quite difficult to do without the help of a professional lawyer in this area. Putting gas stations into operation is one of the services provided by PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS lawyers.

Features of the gas station commissioning procedure

As you know, gas stations are objects of increased danger. This means that simply obtaining a fuel trade license after opening a company will not be enough. A long, multi-stage process with many different nuances lies ahead.

This is due to the fact that gas stations belong to the SS3 class, that is, to the class of serious consequences. For their legalization, it is necessary to go through a sufficiently long procedure, which will meet all urban planning conditions and restrictions. It consists of the following stages:

  • Obtaining necessary documents and permits.
  • Issuance of conclusions from various regulatory bodies.

By the time it is put into operation, the gas station will be considered unsafe and will not be able to function. No fuel suppliers will cooperate with such facilities.

All necessary permits and documents must be collected from the stage of conversion of a gas station or construction of a new gas station. The final document is the Certificate of putting the gas station into operation. It is issued only if all the necessary documents have been collected and they have been correctly executed.

In addition, in order to legitimize gas stations, it is necessary to have a permit to work with the use of particularly dangerous equipment, which is installed at gas stations. Important: all gas stations in Ukraine must have a license to store and sell fuel.

At the very beginning, it is worth drawing up the gas station project correctly. This is impossible without obtaining town planning conditions and restrictions. The project must necessarily take into account all state building regulations: peculiarities of gas station location, fire safety rules, territory planning, etc.

The project must also include a report that assesses the impact of the gas station on the environment. This report must be verified by the environmental safety authorities. It is the ecological conclusion that will confirm that the object can be put into operation.

Assistance of professional lawyers in commissioned gas stations

For the correct legalization of gas stations, in accordance with all norms of current Ukrainian legislation, it is worth using the help of PRIKHODKO & PARTNERS lawyers. Our specialists know how to put gas stations into operation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Already at the preliminary consultation stage, we will provide you with information about the nuances and “pitfalls” of opening a gas station. Our lawyers, as your reliable partners, will relieve you of all worries related to obtaining a gas station license. The key to our success is an individual approach to each client!

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