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Divorce services

Unfortunately, not every marriage exists in peace and harmony. Many families break up for good reasons. But the mere promise to break the bonds is not enough to get rid of the undesirable status. Divorce services are a guaranteed opportunity to end a formal relationship with a person and start life from scratch.

How can a lawyer help to dissolve a marriage?

There are two ways to dissolve a marriage: either through the registry office or through the court. In the first case, it is necessary to make an application for termination of marital relations, which is submitted to the civil registry office at the place of residence. It is desirable that the document reflects the reasons for the decision to terminate the marriage. With the support of a lawyer, you will be able to make a statement with all the necessary information – you do not need to clarify anything or bring additional evidence.

The situation is complicated if you and your spouse have minor children. In this case, the issue of divorce inevitably affects the fate of the child, and the state does not allow a simple procedure for filing an application through the registry office. A trial must be scheduled. And here the service of a divorce lawyer will be invaluable, as the representative will be able to:

  • prepare a statement of claim for divorce;
  • indicate the reasons for divorce;
  • leave the children in the care of themselves (or, if desired – another spouse);
  • resolve the issue of alimony.

Legal assistance in case of divorce is necessary for both the wife and the husband. The spouse needs to be guaranteed child support and the child left to himself, while the spouse needs to be released from unnecessary obligations. In all these cases, the decision is made only by the court. But only a competent family lawyer for divorce can convince him of the correctness of a specific conclusion.

What is included in the service of divorce?

Full legal support includes:


preparation of documents for trial;




solving the issue of raising children;




preparation and analysis of the terms of the marriage contract;




determining the order of meeting with children;




drawing up an alimony agreement (with a notarized certificate).



Without legal support, divorce turns into a real headache that can last for months. That is why we recommend contacting competent specialists.

Prikhodko & Partners knows how difficult it is sometimes to break a marriage with a person. If you want to go through this stage of life as painlessly as possible, then make an appointment for a consultation – we will explain in detail the further plan of action.

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Specializes in family law and inheritance matters

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