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Consular legalization

Consular legalization of documents: what should you know?

Such a service as consular legalization of documents is in great demand. This demand is not in vain, as the qualified work of lawyers in this area makes it possible to ensure that documents issued by other states are recognized on the territory of Ukraine. If you need consular legalization of documents, you can contact the team of the legal company “Prikhodko & Partners” for it. Our specialists will help in this matter, as it belongs to the key topics of specialization, within which we provide services. But first, we offer to understand in more detail when consular legalization of documents is required.


In what cases is there a need for such a service?

A number of actions aimed at the recognition in Ukraine of a document issued abroad may not always be necessary. This applies only to those documents issued by countries that are not parties to the Hague Convention. If the country has ratified the aforementioned Convention, then in such cases the apostillation procedure applies. An apostille is placed on the document – a 10×10 centimeter stamp containing a special text. It makes documents valid on the territory of all states that have joined the Hague Convention. This procedure is very convenient for those who often travel to different countries for work and need to have valid documents with them everywhere. However, in the case of states that have not joined the mentioned Convention, consular legalization of documentation is required.

Do all documents require consular legalization?

Such a question is natural after the previously covered information. Indeed, not all documentation must go through the consular legalization procedure. This rule does not apply to passports, military registration documents and documents issued by foreign institutions. However, the rest of the documents (such as a birth or marriage certificate) must undergo consular legalization. And here we need the help of qualified lawyers.

Regarding the norms that apply to this procedure, the rules are interpreted in accordance with the Vienna Convention, international and national law.

What is the key purpose of document legalization?

Consular legalization is a procedure aimed at confirming the validity of:

  • originals of official documents;
  • authenticity of signatures of officials who have the authority to certify signatures on documents;
  • the validity of seals and stamp impressions used to seal the document.

However, the consul is not responsible for the content of the document. When the document has undergone legalization in accordance with the procedure established by law, it can be used as part of the international circulation of documents.

What are the terms of consular legalization of documents and what fee is provided?

Legalization of documents takes from 5 to 20 days, depending on the complexity of the document itself and its availability. The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine also indicates the possibility of legalizing documents urgently within 5 working days, but this will require the payment of a consular fee at a double rate. So, what is this fee:

  • for 1 document for legal entities and organizations – 450 hryvnias;
  • for 1 document for individuals – 150 hryvnias.

Thus, the legislation clearly regulates the procedure for legalization of documents, which you can use. Legal support in such a case will greatly simplify this task for you.


Why should you contact us?

The migration law practice team of the law firm “Prikhodko & Partners” is constantly working with requests for legalization of documents. We provide such services as consulting and legal support of the legalization procedure. Interaction with qualified lawyers in this direction becomes a significant advantage for the client, as it gives an opportunity not to spend time and energy on solving such issues alone, but to entrust this matter to competent specialists for whom it is a daily routine.

So, we will help with this issue, as well as a whole series of requests related to migration law and the international circulation of documents. You will not have to study the regulatory framework on your own and interact with authorized bodies in matters that do not require your personal presence.

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Petryk Tetiana
Head of migration law practice

Lawyer, master of law, expert in the field of migration law.

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