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Kolhanov Ivan

Head of military law practice

Specializes in administrative law, recalculation of pensions for former policemen and military personnel, including (SBU, NSU, DSNS, DPSU, SZR), specialist in military law.

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Payment of 10 salaries upon retirement to teachers

Kolhanov Ivan
Head of military law practice

Specializes in administrative law, recalculation of pensions for former policemen and military personnel, including (SBU, NSU, DSNS, DPSU, SZR), specialist in military law.

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Pensions of teachers and other employees of educational institutions are assigned in accordance with the norms of the current Law “On Compulsory State Pension Insurance”. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with this topic in more detail, paying attention to what exactly is specified in the legal norms. We will also tell you how the services of the law firm “Prikhodko&Partners” will be useful in relation to this topic. Pension law is one of those areas that has traditionally been the focus of our law firm’s practice. Customers regularly make such requests, so we are happy to help them.

What is enshrined in the law?

In the Law mentioned above, special attention should be paid to the Final Provisions, namely paragraph 7.1. There we are talking about teaching staff who worked in positions that provide the opportunity to retire for long service. However, they have the right to 10 monthly pensions, the amount of which is calculated as of the day of appointment, upon retirement. To explain this more simply, we are talking about those teachers who chose to retire precisely because of their age, and not because of their length of service.


It is worth understanding that the Law itself defines general aspects, and the procedure for assigning and calculating such pensions is detailed by the relevant resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers. They specify the procedure for assigning assistance, as well as the legal mechanism in accordance with which it is paid. As for the source of funding for this payment, it is the State Budget of Ukraine.

Current by-laws

So, let’s look at the by-laws in more detail. First of all, it is worth mentioning the procedure for calculating the insurance period, which gives the right to assign monetary assistance and its payment. It was approved by government decree of November 23, 2011, number 1191. Among the key points that should be highlighted from this legal act are:

  • The length of service is determined in calendar terms.
  • The amount of the benefit is determined taking into account the monthly pension amount in accordance with the already mentioned Law as of the date of appointment.
  • Payment of such assistance in the amount of 10 salaries is assigned to the Pension Fund.
  • The pensioner receives these funds when they are accrued along with the first pension.

In addition to the mentioned Procedure, it would also be appropriate to mention the List of educational, health and social protection institutions and positions in which work gives the right to a pension for long service. This List is also approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers. It is dated November 4, 1993 and number 909.

How can we be useful?

It can be difficult for people who do not have specialized legal knowledge to understand the regulatory framework governing topics that are relevant to them on their own. Therefore, it is quite logical to decide to turn to specialists who regularly work with similar client requests and know how to help. You will meet such experts in the team of the Prikhodko&Partners law firm. We provide consultations both remotely and in person in our office. Therefore, you can choose exactly the format that will be convenient for you. Often our clients from other cities communicate with us via video conference, and this is also a fairly comfortable opportunity to get help.


In addition to consulting, we provide assistance in the form of legal support in interaction with government agencies. It is quite natural for a person to want to avoid dealing with bureaucratic and human factors when applying for a pension in the relevant institutions. Therefore, a rational solution is to delegate this part of the work to those specialists for whom such interaction is part of a daily, well-established routine with established action algorithms.

And finally, it is worth mentioning one more important type of legal services. This is the representation of client interests in court. Interaction with the Pension Authority is not always pleasant and easy for a pensioner. There are often cases when it is necessary to justify the existence of appropriate length of service or to defend the amount of a pension, which will take into account all aspects provided for by law. In such situations, we know how to protect the rights and legitimate interests of a pensioner. Therefore, contact us for quality legal support.

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