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Kovalev Artem

Head of criminal law practice

Expert in criminal and international law. He also specializes in crimes in the field of military activity and in the financial sector.

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Representation in criminal proceedings

A lawyer in criminal proceedings is a representative of one of the parties to a criminal case. He has at his disposal not only the functions of protecting the interests and rights of the accused, suspect, convicted or acquitted. A lawyer can act as a representative of witnesses or victims. For example, the representation of a lawyer allows to ensure compliance with all the rights of the victims. A professional lawyer will ensure that the culprits are brought to justice. Thus, representation in criminal proceedings is a rather multifaceted concept. This service is one of the activities of our law firm Prykhodko and Partners.

Legislative framework of the issue

According to the Law of Ukraine “On Advocacy and Advocacy”, the main reason for a lawyer’s participation in a criminal trial is a contract for the provision of legal assistance. This contract is signed between the lawyer and the client.

In order to confirm that the lawyer has grounds for representation in the criminal process, the following documents are required:

  • Power of attorney from the client.
  • Agreement on provision of legal assistance.
  • A written document, confirmation of the attorney’s authority to provide legal assistance (warrant, etc.).

Functions of the lawyer in the criminal process

A criminal lawyer protects the interests of the suspect/accused against: illegal actions of law enforcement officials, procedural errors, incorrect interpretation of facts and information in the case.

Our experienced criminal lawyers have good theoretical training and analyze possible options for the development of events even before starting direct participation in the case. This allows us to be several steps ahead and provide the highest quality and efficient representation of all interests of our clients.

Our lawyers also represent the interests of victims. According to the first part of Article 55 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine, a victim in criminal proceedings is a person to whom a criminal offense has caused physical, moral or property damage. A legal entity that has suffered property damage as a result of a criminal offense can act as a victim.

The duties and rights of the victim arise from the moment of submitting a statement about the commission of a criminal offense against her. It can also be an application to involve a person in criminal proceedings as a victim.

Thus, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, the client has the right at any time to use the services of a lawyer to protect his own interests. There are also situations when the prosecutor or investigating judge must appoint a lawyer for the suspect/accused. This happens, for example:

  • If the suspect/accused has submitted a request for the involvement of a lawyer, but cannot involve him on his own due to various reasons.
  • If the accused is a person under the age of 18.
  • Regarding persons who are not fully able to exercise their rights due to physical or psychological deficiencies.
  • If coercive measures of a medical nature are applied to the person.
  • In the case of a plea agreement between the prosecutor and the accused/suspect.

Representation of professional lawyers in criminal proceedings

The Prykhodko and Partners attorneys’ office will provide you with a full range of services. We will process all the available materials of the criminal case and prepare all the necessary procedural documents.

In addition, we carry out:

  • Challenging the actions/inactions of the prosecutor, investigator, judge (if necessary).
  • Counseling and protection of the legal interests and rights of the victim in the process of concluding a reconciliation agreement between the suspect, the victim, the accused.
  • Filing requests for the application of security measures for the victim/victims.

If you need representation in a criminal proceeding, lawyers Prykhodko and Partners will help you with this. To calculate the price of the service: “representation in criminal proceedings”, fill out the form below. We are waiting for consultations!

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Kovalev Artem
Head of criminal law practice

Expert in criminal and international law. He also specializes in crimes in the field of military activity and in the financial sector.

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